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It has been my absolute pleasure to have featured so many wonderful and amazing people in my Author Interview Series, indie & traditional alike. Hopefully, you will enjoy getting to know them and their works as much as I did.   As a recap, I have listed each one by name and should you like, you can check their “Author Interview” link or visit each one individually by the links to their websites listed below.  Thank you all again so much for the wonderful responses to these interviews and a big thanks to all the authors who took the time to be a part of this series.   Much love to you all. ~ Tracy J.

2013 List:

January 14 – Interview: Author/Poet Amber Jerome~Norrgard

January 15 – Interview: Author/Publisher Tamika Newhouse

January 17 – Interview: Children’s Author Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

January 18 – Interview: Author Christina OW

January 23 – Interview: Author/Playwright/Filmmaker Dee Dee M. Scott

February 1, 2013 – Interview: International Travel/Adventure Author Teresa Roberts

February 18, 2013 – Interview: Author Hannah Spivey

February 19, 2013 – Interview: Author/Teacher Janell Rhinannon

February 21, 2013 – Interview: Author/Teacher/Editor Scott Morgan

2012 List:

Sharyn Bradford Lunn –

Solange Nicole –

Charity Parkerson –

Marla Heller Blowers –

Melissa Craig –

David McKoy & Lynn Hallbrooks –

Edenmary Black –

Regina Puckett –

Gene Doucette –

Glenn Starkey –

Justin Bog –

Micheal Rivers –

M.J. Webb –

Kevin Swarbrick –

Dionne Lister –

Ben Ditmars –

Richard Weatherly: HTTP://

Bruce Blake:

Doug DePew:

James Peercy:

Griffin Hayes:

JD Mader:

Jeff Dawson:

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  1. marcus dagreat said:

    i would like to recommend a book for you to check out if you have some time and can its by (steven cole) called (citizen cardenas).. I enjoyed it and its a great read.

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