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Celebrating my birthday this weekend with a FREE Ebook giveaway!

August 1st & 2nd.

If you ever wondered what can REALLY go on behind closed jailhouse doors…




Tracy James Jones has created a beautifully written journey through the darkest parts of the soul, via the intelligent, gentle heart of Adrian Bailey. Torn: Sixty Days of Calaboose is as visceral as it is addictive. One is simply compelled to flip the screen. Anyone who has ever found themselves in a tough situation, through no fault of their own will relate. – Author Edemary Black

Tracy James Jones is such a masterful writer and storyteller that I became so intrigued with the main characters the story was hard to put down. The fact that the subject matter is somewhat controversial adds to the intrigue. All in all, it’s a fascinating read about a perfect obsession which is perfectly crafted. – Author Sharyn Bradford Lunn

From the author: “This is one of the most emotionally engaging tales I have ever dared myself to write. Controversial isn’t word enough to describe it. Believe it or not, it could happen to almost anyone.”

Cover reveal: “The Damnable Legacy” by G. Elizabeth Kretchmer



TDL cover June 2015


The Damnable Legacy

Lynn Van Swol still regrets the decision she made thirty years ago to place her daughter for adoption so she could climb the highest mountains of the world. Frankie Rizzoni is the troubled biological granddaughter Lynn has never known. And Beth Mahoney is a minister’s wife with terminal cancer and the only one who knows the relationship between the two. She designs a plan upon her deathbed to bring Lynn and Frankie together, but now, narrating from the afterlife, she must helplessly watches her legacy threatens to unravel. The Damnable Legacy is a story about both love and survival, exploring the importance of attachment, place, and faith, and asking how far we should go to achieve our goals and at what cost.

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Early Praise:

Ellen Waterston, founder/president of The Writing Ranch and author of A Woman of a Certain Age Walks the Camino, had this to say about the book:

“G. Elizabeth Kretchmer has skillfully and authoritatively woven an ambitious and complex telling, a multi-layered tale well worth the reading. This is clearly a story this writer came to tell. Hopefully there will be many more to follow.”

Release date is set for 7-28-15

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WEB_Kretchmer__0435ABOUT G. Elizabeth Kretchmer

Elizabeth Kretchmer holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University. Her short fiction, essays, and freelance work have appeared in The New York Times, High Desert Journal, Silk Road Review, and other publications. When she’s not writing, she facilitates therapeutic and wellness writing workshops and spends time in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three adopted sons. Visit her website at

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Babs Hightower

Book Manager

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Guest Post: Kickstarter Campaign for “The Angel at the Devil’s Gate” by Mocha




Greetings. I’m Mocha, author of The Angel at the Devil’s Gate, a psychological suspense, which I’m trying to raise enough funding for through Kickstarter to publish. My novel is about Eli Nunn, a troubled teen who is moved back to Kansas City following the aftermath of a violent drug deal. Returning to a school where his ruthless reputation still thrives, Eli encounters and instantly connects with Angel, a beautiful and mysterious black-clad orphan. Their flourishing romance begins to grow darker when Eli learns details of Angel’s chilling past. Conflicted with alarm and intrigue, Eli accepts a proposal from Angel that puts both their relationship and lives in danger.
The idea for my novel came to me while I watching an all-day marathon of true crime investigations on the ID channel. About three or four episodes in, I wanted to write a novel based around a well-plotted murder, but I did not want to the novel’s protagonist to be a detective trying to solve the murder. I wanted the main characters of the novel to be the murderers.
Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has become the lead crowd-funding site. Kickstarter’s mission is to bring creative ideas in film, art and literature to life. Since Kickstarter has launched, the company has helped fund over 200,000 projects. In 2014, 22 million dollars went into publishing projects, making them the third most funded projects on Kickstarter that year.
One of my favorite things about Kickstarter is that the people who donate money to a project do not walk away empty-handed. Backers receive rewards as a “thank you” from the project’s creator. All the backers who donate to my project will receive my novel in one of its various formats. Among other rewards, I’ll be giving away bookmarks, postcards, one-on-one interviews, posters, and the upper-level backers will receive my next novel upon its completion.
I believe Kickstarter is a perfect recourse for authors who want to self-publishing their work, but they do not have the finances to really give their novel the treatment it deserves. A lot of money goes into producing a successful self-published novel. Professional copy-editors and designers are not only expensive but they’re essential. A main factor to a self-published novel’s success is discoverability. Without your novel actually being discovered and easy to find on the market, the chances of it finding the eyes of readers are very slim. How does one make their novel visible? Promotion. Social media campaigning, Google Search Program, Press Releases and NetGalley (a book reviewing site used by publishing insiders) are among the tools that can help promote a novel and find its audience, and like copy-editors and designers, they can be expensive.
My goal is to raise $6,500 to cover all production and promotional cost as well as the cost to print my novel and to ship it along with all the rewards to my backers. If my project becomes overfunded, I plan to add more rewards for my backers, and depending on how overfunded I am, I’d love to an audio version of my novel.
My project will be live from June 1st – July 10th. If you have any questions or concerns, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a tweet @Mocha_Writer. If you’d like to learn more about my project, see a detailed outline of how I plan to use the funding or to make a pledge, drop by my Kickstarter page, you can also contact me on there.


BTS eMag – May-June Issue

BTS Magazine: May/June Issue

On the cover is V.A. Dold title Cade and Myra Nour’s title Time Shifters.  You can read more of V.A. Dold’s interview here.  She talks about her Le Beau Brother’s series.  She has some great covers and you can read an excerpt from Cade.

Myra’s interview is here and she talks about her writing process and tips for new authors.  She also has a nice over for Time Shifters and has an excerpt you can read.

BTS May-June Issue


Babs Hightower
Myra’s Executive Assistant &
Promotions Director/BTS Promotions Team Leader

Introducing “Beauty And The Beast” (The Vampire Fairy Tales – Book 1) by Keair Snyder


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8136tN4h1aL._SL1500_“Beauty And The Beast”

Keair Snyder


Once upon a time a beautiful girl fell in love with a beast…’ It is a tale as old as time but what if all you thought you knew about Beauty and her Beast is wrong? In this novel, Beauty comes out of the shadows to set the record straight, beginning with her first glimpse of the vampire that would change her life and moving on through the ages of love, loss, and immortality. From eighteenth century France to modern-day New Orleans, a tale is woven that will make you question your perception of what it means to live, what it means to love forever, and what it means to look the beast in the eyes and know only passion. Do you believe in magick? Can you imagine the shades of gray in things that appear black or white? Then prepare yourself for the greatest love story never told. This is not your child’s fairytale. This is the real story of Beauty and her Beast.

Purchase Link:

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264031_503309836347730_1191769973_nAuthor Bio: Keair Snyder is an author from Columbus, Ohio. She lives with her boyfriend, her two dogs, her two birds, and her bunny. She is the author of two novels and is currently working on the sequel to Beauty.
Blog Link:

Immortal at Sea (The Immortal Chronicles Book 1) by Gene Doucette


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91oAHKJ20ML._SL1500_Immortal at Sea

(The Immortal Chronicles Book 1)

Gene Doucette

In Immortal At Sea, the first adventure in The Immortal Chronicles Adam talks about what it took to make it back to shore safely, and why it’s a bad idea to sail on a gilded ship. His adventures on the high seas have taken him from the Mediterranean to the Barbary Coast, and if there’s one thing he learned, it’s that maybe the sea is trying to tell him to stay on dry land.

“if you’ve been around for long enough, you’re bound to experience a few unpleasant things: fires, earthquakes, avalanches, volcanoes, sometimes all on the same afternoon. Boats, I can tell you from first-hand experience, sink. A lot. Sometimes it’s because whoever made the boat for you made a crappy boat. Maybe you made a crappy boat. There is also the occasional psychotically malevolent storm that doesn’t care how well designed your boat is. When you encounter something like that, and the thing you were relying upon to keep you alive ends up sinking, you really want to know you’re not too far from the safety of solid ground.  Oh, and here’s another thing to worry about when you’re in a boat: sea serpents.” –Adam

Purchase Link:

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Gene DoucetteAbout the Author:

Gene Doucette is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist, playwright, humorist, essayist, father, husband, cyclist, dog owner – and a few other things, too. He is, in other words, a writer. A graduate of Boston College, he lives in Cambridge, MA with his family. His standalone novel Fixer and the books in his critically acclaimed Immortal series – which follows a sarcastic, alcoholic, 60,000 year old man named Adam – are his publisher’s top sellers, and have spent months at a time respectively on Amazon bestseller lists. The third installment in the Immortal series – Immortal at the Edge of the World – has just been released.


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