Today, in continuance of my growing connections and friendships around the world, I will introduce another author from across the pond.  I met him through a close friend on Facebook and twitter.  By happenstance, we became colleagues and friends as well.  So you may get a better understanding of him and his journey to becoming an author, I will turn this over to him.  His name is Kevin Swarbrick.  (Applause, applause, applause…)

Hello Kevin, could you please share some things about yourself?

About the author

Hi Tracy, first of all let me say thank you for having me on your blog tour, it’s a real pleasure to be here. My name is Kevin Mark Swarbrick. I am 37 years old and was born in Salford, Manchester, England.  I now live in a quiet little town 10 miles out of Manchester City Centre. I went to Lower Kersal Primary School and Kersal High School. College came after where I studied Art and Designand passed my National Diploma.  When I was in college I was working with my dad on weekends to earn myself some extra money.  He was a Painter and Decorator, but is retired now. After I left college I had numerous jobs and found myself working for different companies in the Decorating Trade. In 2002 I opened my own business, KMS Painting and Decorating Services, that I still run to this present day.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing over 2 years ago and to tell you the truth, I never thought being an author was the road I would go down, after all, I was so used to writing Invoices and Estimates.  I didn’t have any free time due to my hectic lifestyle.  Once I did start writing I couldn’t stop.  All I could do was feel the passion and the drive to succeed. With no experience of being an author and not knowing anything about the industry, this was all a brand new challenge to me.  It was a brand new start to a new journey in my life, and it was like going to night school and learning all over again. In fact, I have probably learned more now than what I ever did at school.

What was your life before becoming an author?

To tell you the truth most of my life I have had many ups and downs.  In fact, too many, but I have learnt in the last 2 and a half years or so to lose negative energy around me, (it’s been a long road) as it enables my mind to focus more without dealing with the world’s problems. My life is the same as it was before except I am now meeting fantastic new people and making many awesome friends. My life is now filled with positive energy and I chose to continue to keep it that way.

Who or what inspired you to write?

It’s crazy really what life has mapped out for you, but the main character in my books called Sarah, gave me the main inspiration to write.  It was Sarah who led me on this path.  I don’t want to say too much as it would spoil the story for you, but for me, with the way my life was with all its ups and downs, this character along with true friends gave me the drive to make this journey possible.

Do you have a specific writing style or genre?

My style of writing from the stories I have wrote so far, I wanted to give the readers a sense of reality and depth that comes with real life warts and all. I wanted to keep this story unique and recreate all the characters and keep everything as real as they are. There isn’t a genre as such for my books.  Anyone who has ever experienced relationships with all the ups and downs and also for anyone whose felt that magic word called ‘Love’ then that’s my genre. With strong language and erotic scenes in the stories, it has been rated 18 and up.

Tell me about your latest book and what it is about? 

Louie has Landed: The Second

 It’s funny how you should ask me that.  As my next project is on the way and again that is based on a true story. The story I am working on now is the story I first started writing before the “Louie Has Landed” series.  With that story having been told, now it I can concentrate on my first story. The book I am working on is from my childhood years and upwards.  Family break ups, bullying at school, living with grandparents at 14 and so much more. This story is a completely different write up to the “Louie Has Landed” series but is mentioned in them.

What was your favourite part of the book to write?

‘Mmmmm’ that’s a tricky one.  To be honest I actually enjoyed writing the story.  All the words came from the heart.   All the laughter came from the heart.  Not forgetting all the intimate times, everything was certainly a learning curve, that’s for sure, despite how I was feeling at the time.

What was the hardest part of the book to write?

The hardest part to write was writing about part of my past for the whole world to read about. Sharing my inner dark secrets, revealing and exposing my life from behind closed doors, the pain I’ve felt, the madness I’ve lived, the fun times, the passion, and most of all trying to explain the word love from a man’s prospective. Even though there was a lot of emotion involved and many sleepless nights, the words came naturally from my heart.

What do you find most rewarding when writing your books?

The most rewarding… Well there are a few things really I found most rewarding. The first one is when you get your first proof copies, you then know your dream, ambition and your drive and hard work has now become an achievement and is reality.  What makes it more rewarding is when a reader picks it up and tells me they can’t put it down and they can relate to the story so much.  These things, not to mention the fantastic people and new friends I have met along the way and continue meeting, are the most rewarding to me.

Do you have any books complete or in progress?

The books that are complete are called ‘Louie Has Landed’ The Early Days and ‘Louie Has Landed’ The Second Encounter. You can find these on and Louie has so far changed my life.  It’s amazing that people have connected to the realism and the truth behind my story. I had to write about Louie but after a year of thinking nothing else but writing, it was done and Louie was born for others to enjoy the suspense, fun and trauma that these stories hold. Deliciously scandalous, some would say. With over 42 characters in the books it is certainly a page turner, so I am told. These books are self published and out there for everyone to enjoy.

What are your future plans?

I plan to finish this third book I am currently working on and also try to turn the Louie Has Landed story into script.  Hopefully, in the future, who knows, you might be watching Louie on your television, but no matter what, I will be continue writing many more stories for my readers to enjoy and relate to.

Are you listed on any social networks like facebook, twitter, goodreads etc?

You can find me in most places in cyber space. My username on all these networking sites is a really hard one to remember, here goes. Twitter you can find me @KevinSwarbrick, also you can find me on Goodreads, LinkedIn, PInterest, Author Central,  Igoogle, LinkedIn and also Facebook by typing the same name Kevin Swarbrick, I did say it was a hard one to remember! There is also my author page on Facebook but I do use my full name for that one ‘Kevin Mark Swarbrick.’ I also run a Facebook group called Authors and Readers.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?

The advice I would give them from my experience is to just keep pushing yourself, but you really do need to lose the negativity in your life.  Only when you have done that can push yourself forward. Writing is hard enough without negative energy floating around.  Just believe in yourself and your true friends and people around you will believe in you too. It’s the people who believe in you who will help make your dreams flourish, but always be sure to take constructive criticism on board.

Outside of writing, what is your most favourite thing to do and why?

That would have to be my weight training.  This helps me to switch off from work, writing, and everyday life and focus on myself rather than the world around me. (Well at least for an hour or so). It also helps to clear my mind and think about me.  I don’t mean that in a selfish way of course, it makes me feel and look good.  That gives me the inner confidence to feel great on the outside. We all know that if you’re happy on the outside then the world is happy with you.  It attracts positive energy and that positive energy is the energy we all need to succeed even when we are at our lowest!

Anything else you would like to add for future fans and friends.

Just to believe in yourself and only then will the world believe in you.  Don’t be afraid of what’s around the next corner or even afraid to take chances.  Take life as it comes, but always enjoy it. We have one life so there is no point in being sad.  Do your best and try your best, that’s all you can do.

I would like to thank you again Tracy for having this interview with me.  It’s been a pleasure answering your questions, and I wish you the very best success that life can offer you.


Thank you too, Kevin.  It has been my pleasure as well to share your story.   Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in my author interview series.  As always, my best to you and yours.