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“I Support Indie Authors”

I am open to showcase/feature almost any type of author, Indie & Traditional, but I reserve the right to refuse anything that is extremely perverse in nature, including but not limited to; bestiality, child pornography, extreme racial and/or sexual prejudice, etc…, and absolutely no explicit language allowed in blurbs, excerpts, or otherwise.   I have nothing against personal opinions or thought about what is decent and what is not, but I want this site to be respected in the same way that I respect myself as well as those I chose to promote.  I appreciate your understanding to this simple rule and I look forward to connecting with anyone who asks for my help with getting the word out about their work.  Thank you much.

Note: In your initial contact, please be sure to mention the genre of your work and include a link for early review.

Promotional Material Needed:  Book cover photo, blurb, purchase link(s), author photo (if you would like), author bio with contact information.



Book Reviews:

Genres:  Paranormal

I am most interested in reviewing paranormal,  some sci-fi and romance, and a mash-up of several genres are my most favorite books to read.


As a personal rule, I do not give reviews for books that fall under 3 stars.  If a story has too many issues like typos, misspelled words, or missing punctuations, I will try to contact the author in order to help them fix these issues.  I will never disrespect an author’s work because as a writer myself, I totally understand how much work, time, and creativity that goes into writing.  If the issues with the book/story are too many, I will not write a review at all.  The best reviews will be posted here on my blog, Facebook and Amazon.


5 stars – Excellent author, story, and writing.

4 stars – Very good author, story, and writing. – A few editing issues.

3  stars – Author has a great story with a lot of potential.  Lots of editing issues.


Once I reopen review submissions and you feel your book fits my review policy, please send an introduction via the contact link at the top of the page.


Thank you much and best wishes to you and your work.


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