In the spotlight, my next author to introduce is someone I happily met on  She had read and reviewed one my books and after reading her bio, I found she was a writer as well so I read her books too.  After that, we struck up a conversation and a new friendship began. Once reading her first book I was hooked on her style of writing.  As a new paranormal/romance indie author, I have to say that she is one of the best.  And here she is, Edenmary Black.

 How long have you been writing?

   I began writing stories when I was a child. They were simple things, scrawled in notebooks, sometimes connected to school assignments, sometimes just for myself. I see a lot of value in writing for personal entertainment, which I find relaxing. So, I suppose I have always been a writer in one way or another.

What was your life like before becoming an author?

  One part of my life that hasn’t ever changed is my love for reading and great stories. I come from a family of wonderful storytellers, which eventually translated into a love for reading that has never diminished. It’s the one constant in life and the one thing I indulge in, no matter what else may be going on in life.

 Who or what inspired you to write?

Stepping back in time, I discovered the horror, paranormal and paranormal romance genres several years ago through wonderful writers and I consumed their titles like a frozen drink, with a cute umbrella, on a blistering day. I’m referring to Dean Koontz, Ann Rice, Stephen King, Sherrilyn Kenyon and so many others. Over time, I started to think about story creation as a process and something I could do, which led to lots of writing recreation. I’d write, revise, revise a little more and toss it. Then, I’d begin again. The stories and scenes and characters never left my mind and eventually I found myself with characters demanding to be committed to paper or a document. That’s when I got serious and started working a plot. Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1, which was published in January 2012, is the result.

 Do you have a specific writing style or genre?

 My writing is paranormal romance for now and, damn, I love the genre. The possibilities of the paranormal are delicious in stories where what we see is not all there is. I adore the characters who may appear human, but are much more and face crazy obstacles to find the love they need. Everyone needs love, right?

Tell me about your latest books. What are they about?

 My books are a series. The first is Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1, which begins with the Prologue, where a young male vampire is fighting a mysterious illness. Chapter One begins four years later, with Priana Grey’s experience as a hostage and a bizarre bank robbery. Priana is half angel, half vampire and there a lot of things she could do in this insane situation, yet she struggles with her options, not wanting to end a life unless a life is at risk. That’s when readers meet Joe Cafaris, a cop the robber has manipulated into walking into the bank. The story unfolds from that point and readers quickly see how the events in the Prologue connect to Priana and Joe, who just know they should never be together. I mean, there are sane, logical reasons that their relationship will never work, but is love ever logical? Right! The second book of the series, Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2, published in April, 2012, continues the tale of the vampires, weres, daemons and humans. As of today, the third book, Sanctum Retribution: Shadow Havens Book 3 is not yet available but should be soon.

At, readers will find the entire Prologue and first chapter of Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1 and passages from Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2 by hitting the, ‘Excerpts,’ tab. As ebooks near completion or become available, I update that material.

What was your favorite part of the book to write?

 Looking back, I enjoyed writing the beginning scenes of the books, to set things up for what was to come in the plot. I enjoy writing the characters because I don’t always know where they will lead my writing. I write with a sense of expectation because of that. As an example, in the opening scenes of Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1, I was writing Ilea, who was not usually seen in her own haven, the Demesne. When she’s fighting for her son’s life, however, she displays a get-the-hell-out-of-my-way attitude, which ends up being a small taste of who she becomes later. Yet, when I began the first book, I wasn’t absolutely sure where her character would take my writing.

What was the hardest part to write?

Well, my characters do have a way of getting into trouble and sometimes it’s hard to take them into very dark places. Most of them are a mixture of light and dark, yin and yang. That’s something I hope readers see because it’s like the people in all of our lives. I’d venture to say that even the people we dislike often have redeeming qualities, whether we see that or not. Writing allows me to explore all sides of a situation or a character. Sometimes, that is a stretch, particularly with characters like, Sebastien Galaurus, who is much darker than I am personally.

What do you find most rewarding in writing a book?

 I could tell you that the most satisfying thing in the world is placing the last period after the last sentence on the final page of a book and it would be true. Yet, I love the feeling of sitting down at the computer to begin a new story or chapter or scene with a mood of anticipation and that would be as true. The journey is pretty cool. I’m tremendously grateful for it.

Do you have any other books complete or in progress?

Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1 and Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2 are available at most major online retailers in ebook format right now. Sanctum Retribution: Shadow Havens Book 3 is nearly complete and will be available soon. I have also begun working on the fourth book, so the series does not close after Sanctum Retribution: Shadow Havens Book 3. The havens are always an interesting place to visit and there is always something going on that isn’t exactly what it seems to be.

What are your future plans in regards to writing?

 I plan to finish the series, which entails completing the upcoming books, of course. At some time in the future, I’d like to explore horror – true paranormal horror, which many find fascinating.

 Are you listed on any major social networks?

Readers can find me or contact me on, and through my website,

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published author?

  It’s an amazing time to be a writer and a reader! We all have fabulous opportunities today that simply didn’t exist, even a decade ago, but not all of them are a perfect fit for everyone. So much is written about what one should or should not do in order to be published, but I think it all begins with the writing itself. So, the first thing I’d suggest is, find a way to fit writing into your life. Give it time each day or week or month, so you actually have something to evaluate when it come to the next point. Give this the credence it deserves, because it is not a waste of time, but it is time consuming. Next, define your success. Not everyone who writes is interested in making money from their writing. If you are, start thinking about whether you want traditional publishing or do you want to go the indie way. Start researching how and what you need to do to get where you want to be. All of this is, of course, just the beginning. If you’re truly meant to write, your heart will bring you back to it, no matter what.

Outside of writing, what is your most favorite thing to do and why?

  Reading, naturally, but I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy cooking, because like writing, it’s kind of a creative process. I also enjoy yoga, which I find relaxing.

Anything you would like to add for future fans and friends?

  I am incredibly grateful to those who have supported me by reading my books, sharing their thoughts through reviews, or recommending the books to others who enjoy paranormal romance. I’m also deeply grateful to the authors who have shared themselves with me through their works and their words. Writing’s a seriously cool blessing. Without all of you, this ride wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!


 Thank you, Edenmary.  You already know how much I love your characters so I will be on the lookout for the next release very soon.  You are a fantastic author and I am so proud to be able to introduce you to all my friends.  Best wishes to you always.