Good day, everyone!  Being a little sentimental , for the soft-hearted simple human that I am, I just want to say how very thankful I am for the kindness so many of you have continued to show by contacting and allowing me to share your amazing stories here on my blog.    Happy to report that my open-door policy has been great for what I call ‘The International Association of Indie Authors,’ (which is not an actual organization – yet) but is the best way for me to describe the many new friends, colleagues, and associates I am meeting world-wide.  In early and continuing appreciation for your ongoing support, Thank you, thank you.  :o)

So…. What a week this has been.  The world of Indie Authors and others in the entertainment business are growing every day.  Statistically, or by the numbers, I don’t have a clue.  Everything I learn comes from social media contacts and you.  My self-appointed job, which I truly love by the way, is to gather this information, wrap it up in an entertaining/professional form, post it and share it with everyone.   So far, so good, and if anyone has, knows , or finds someone who needs a place to showcase their work, please send them my way.  Always happy to connect.   (Please see Promotions & Support here.)  That said, let us move on to the news.  This has been a great week, my friends.  Next week will be too.

This past week’s “Shout Out.”

To ePub Agent Saritza Hernandez and her online paper for sharing some of the best news, and for the continued support she has given to my important tweets and blog posts.   Very much appreciated, I assure you.  :o)  (Some on-site material not suitable for young audiences).


Thanks to Author/Publisher Tamika Newhouse, a young woman with a passionate dream and a bright business future ahead, for sharing her wonderful story and for being a force of action, promise, and ingenuity in the Black American community.  My words are not enough to express my gratitude.


Love to U.S. Author Charity Parkerson, Nominee for the “Australian Romance Reader’s Award,” for working with me on writing an actual newsworthy article in support of her nomination.  It has been a good while since I have been able to exercise a bit more of my journalism chops, and it was an honor to experience that side of myself in regards to her outstanding news.   On a personal note, I am always so proud to know you as a colleague and friend, and win or not, you are still an inspiration to all of us.


The Crush Cover

To Charity Parkerson again for inspiring me to released my blog favorite, a short-short-very short romantic story, “The Crush” in ebook form.  Though this work has been featured on my blog for over a year, (September 2011 – since May 2012 on wattpad.com), it has taken on a life of its own and is now available on Smashwords.com for free, just as it was always meant to be.

And finally, a super big ‘Shout Out” and thanks to the authors who came forward to share their book releases and interviews, and everyone who took the time to stop by to review and comment.  You are all truly amazing to me.


Additional News:

  There were a couple of comments left in my spam box that were meant for the article post on Charity.  I suppose they were put in the spam box for a reason, and I didn’t approve them because their pages were not entertainment related.  Not sure if they were computer generated or what, but one comment seemed fair to share.

  • Oh my gosh…I just received an email from the ARRA about some of the authors on the erotic panel at the convention. I am up against some of these authors in the finals and I’m totally freaking out. Why? Because I read how many awards they have won, how many books they have written, how long they have been writing… Heart flutters. – Angelina Estes

In other news, I was recently invited by Paranormal Thriller Author & Investigator Micheal Rivers to be a featured guest on his paranormal experiences blog.  I had never really had a conversation with anyone outside of a few people that I grew up with in concern to those types of experiences.  To be honest, I had more stories than shared out of respect for available space.  I’m a bit early with my information regarding the guest post but it was set to run today, 01/20/2013.   For now I will simply add the link to his page. http://michealrivers.com/  Thank you again, Micheal, for the wonderful opportunity!

The Post: http://michealrivers.com/thought-provoking-author-tracy-james-jones/


Coming this week: January 21 thru 26, 2013

Interview: Author/Playwright/Filmmaker Dee Dee M. Scott (S. Carolina – USA)

Guest Post: British Humorist Author Louise Wise (UK)

New Release: British Humorist Author Louise Wise

New Release: Crime Author Neal James (Derbyshire – UK)

New Release: Libertine Press Author: Eris Kelli (Midwest – USA)


In closing, as always, thank you all again so much for doing what you do and I wish everyone the very best .  Big hugs & much love – Tracy J.

 Notice: As I continue to learn and work through the processes of fine-tuning my blog, I appreciate the kindness of everyone who has taken the time to visit my page, follow, share, tweet, comment, or just say ‘hello.’   It is my absolute honor to meet you and I promise to do my best to show how thankful I am by keeping my word to support, showcase, and anything else I can do for my fellow indie authors. – Thank you.