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Hi friends!  I hope everything is going well for you.  I have a lot to share with you soon, but today I want to introduce you to my fabulous friend Donna Segura.  Whether you are new to the entertainment industry or a well-seasoned pro, if you are in need of a professional publicist, Donna is the woman for you.  Please check out and connect with her awesome business here.

About Oleander PR;

Oleander PR focuses on developing and executing strategically targeted press campaigns to brand clients as leaders in their own particular sect including, Branding, Marketing, Advertising. Clients include innovators, visionaries in the Entertainment, Luxury, Beauty & Fashion industries.

Vision, Focus, Strategy, Outcome;

Using the reputable services of communication ranging from traditional print, major networks and social media, ‘Old Fashioned’ word of mouth is also an effective tool to get clients where they need to be. Oleander PR focuses on the client’s’ objectives to either create an image, promotion of an event, marketing, branding, canvassing potential investors should the need arise, then strategically devising a plan focusing on the client’s needs, and overall goals. Constant research on new, and effective marketing, network, pitching tools, communications resources are always on hand in order to not only be one of the best in the world of Public Relations but gives our clients added success in reaching beyond their targeted goals, dreams and desires.

Oleander PR is the brainchild of a one-woman powerhouse, a fairly new agency that is rapidly growing in name, talent and confidence. Prides itself with experience in all facets of Acting, Marketing, Retail, Communications, Networking, and more. Focusing on the various personas, and responsibilities within the Entertainment Industry, Oleander PR isn’t shy to reach out and take on a challenge even if for a small Freelance Agency with friendships, resources and both National, International connections forged in honesty, trust and faith, with a quality of work never compromised.

Simply put, Oleander PR will never make promises it cannot keep!!  Creation, Strategy, Focus, Success is the embodiment that makes Oleander PR.

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Just a little of what Oleander PR offers: Ad Creation – Website Creation, Brand Analysis, Creation & Consistency, Brand Partnerships, Corporate Charitable Programs, Content Marketing, Crisis Communications, Guerilla Marketing, Media Relations, Personal Brand & Image Consulting, Press Kit Creation (digital and print), Social Media Advertising – Social Media Management.

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33505449_2157648661132806_3882890739004211200_nDonna Segura is an International Freelance Publicist from Hill Country, Texas with Associate Degrees from the University of Phoenix & Professional Careers Institute. Her initial journey in entertainment started with the modeling scene, then traveling the globe while operating an independent travel agency that eventually led her to Luxury and Fashion industries in Talent Acquisitions and a public relations assistant. Thus far, with several high-end clients in Film/TV, Fashion and Luxury communities, worldwide, she has a large circle of resources available to satisfy every type of client in entertainment with unbreakable dedication and compassion for the best of their promotional needs.

Contact Oleander PR by using the webpage Contact Form or by direct email to:  Donna – dsoleanderpr@gmail.com

Web: https://oleanderpr.com/

Web: http://oleanderpr.zohosites.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oleander_pr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oleander_pr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OleanderPR/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donnasegura-oleanderpr/