“Dream Stealer” – YA Novella by HL Carpenter


Dream Stealer Cover final“Dream Stealer

Young Adult Novella

 Blurb: Ever wonder what became of the dreams you once had? Fancy Moonstruck can tell you.

Fancy is supposed to steal dreams. It’s what her family does for a living, and now that she’s fifteen, the job is hers.

It’s a job she’d rather not have. She knows first-hand what dreams mean to the dreamer because she dreams of her mom, who died five years ago. Losing her dream would be like losing her mom all over again. That’s a pain Fancy doesn’t want to inflict on anyone.

But the rules are clear: Steal a dream—or lose her own.

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LorriHelen 128by128

 Author bio with contact information:

HL Carpenter is a Florida-based mother/daughter duo who writes from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. In addition to their independent work, their stories have been published by traditional and e-book publishers. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Their work is featured on their websitehttp://www.hlcarpenter.com.


Once upon a dream, in a book written long, long ago…

Both dreams and fiction are flights of fancy. When you get caught up in either, you enter a world of images, events, and emotions—a world that exists only for you, and one you interpret through your own experiences. There, at the intersection of the real and the not-quite-real, you become a dream traveler, an oneironaut.

May you travel joyfully and often into the dreams you find between the sentences of stories.

Helen & Lorri

HL Carpenter

A mother/daughter writing team

Visit us at HLCarpenter.com


“Garden of Eden” -The Biblical Legends Anthology Series by Garden Gnomes Publications


Garden of EdenFrom the Editor – Allen Taylor

The Biblical Legends Anthology Series is in the speculative fiction genre. I ask writers to send me stories, poems, and essays on a specific biblical theme and then publish them as a theme-based anthology. The first anthology was Garden of Eden, published in February this year.  You’ll find elements of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, paranormal, and weird literature in these stories.  Also contains flash fiction stories, short stories, poetry, and one essay with a diverse range of characters that include

* Dust motes
* Gnomes
* Water Rats
* Roaches
* Ghosts
* Angels
* Virtual characters
* and more

You’ll be surprised, shocked, frightened, and amused. Every page is riddled with great prose from great writers. These authors take speculative fiction into a whole new arena with weird characters and strange situations.

                                                                       Story titles include:

* In The Beginning We Did Have Someone On The Ground
* Gossip in the Gard
* Mote
* Renovation
* A Ghost and a Thought
* We Who Bleed
* One Bit Off
* Water Rats
* Agent of Good
* The Genesis of the Incorporeum
* The Gardeners of Eden
* The Roots of All Evil
* Survey
* Breach
* Before Dawn Can Wake Us

 The book can be purchased at the following locations:

 Garden of Eden (free download)


Allen Taylor – Editor

Allen TaylorGarden Gnome Publications

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The Indie Author Maifesto by Mark Coker


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Over the last six years since founding Smashwords, I’ve witnessed a dramatic change in attitudes regarding self publishing. I’m pleased that much of this transformation has been led by the professional example of Smashwords authors.
Where once self publishing was viewed as the option of last resort – the option for failed writers and an option marked by stigma and shame – self publishing is increasingly viewed as the option of first choice for many writers. Over the next couple years I think we’ll reach a point where more first-time writers aspire to indie-publish than traditionally publish. Indie authors are the cool kids club.

Read more in InD’tales May issue. www.indtale.com Subscriptions are free!



“Echoes” by Michael Bray



EchoesCover“Echoes” by Michael Bray

Genre: Horror

Blurb: Seven years have passed since the fire at Hope House. Despite surviving, the lives of Steve and Melody Samson have changed for the worse. Steve has become a virtual recluse, while Melody is consumed by guilt, and sees in their son a constant reminder of the man Steve used to be. The town of Oakwell has become a tourist hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts, eager to learn more about the ‘Hope House Haunting’, becoming everything the residents of the once sleepy town fought so hard to prevent. Ambitious town councillor, Henry Marshall has an idea to turn the unwanted attention on the town to his own advantage, by building a hotel on the site of Hope House. As construction begins the evil within Oakwell forest stirs. Influenced by the powerful Gogoku, Marshall becomes consumed with the need to draw Steve & Melody back to Oakwell, no matter the cost…

Echoes (Whisper Trilogy Book 2) 

The Transcending Gender Project


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The Transcending Gender Project




 The Transcending Gender Project began as an idea for an exhibit at ArtRage Gallery, which will be shown this coming November through January 2015, although it is a project I have been conceptualizing for several years now. Select images from the Transcending Gender Project will be shown as part of the exhibit “Transcending Gender: Remembering and Celebrating Trans Lives” in Syracuse, NY, but the project is ongoing and I have plans to publish a book of these photographs.


 I’ve been conceptualizing this project for several years, and am excited to see this series coming to life. It is a series of black and white environmental portraits  trans-identified and gender nonconforming humans that celebrate who they are as people. The media and society in general is starting to discuss trans issues more, and there is more awareness, but so often, the focus of discussion is about bodies and what is underneath our clothes, instead of who we are and what we have to offer the world.

This series celebrates our lives. We are doctors, students, parents, bankers, brokers, musicians, photographers, children, and teachers. We are free spirits, creative souls, world travelers, cat rescuers, and performers. We are lovers, fighters, hopers, dreamers, movers, and shakers. These photographs intend to capture us in ways that celebrate who we are.


 The intended audience for these photographs is not the transgender community. It is for everyone (including the trans community), but it is especially for those who are unfamiliar with trans issues. Who believe they have never knowingly met a trans person. Who live in areas where ignorance of who we are and what we often face is prevalent. Where there is a huge opportunity for increased understanding.

The transgender community understands what it means to be transgender. These photographs are for us, too, but at the core, this project is about visibility. This project is to give visibility to trans individuals, and gender non-conforming individuals, and to show that world that we, too, exist, and what we have to offer the world transcends the boundaries of gender.

 Want to be photographed? Email us: transcendinggenderproject@gmail.com

 Want to donate to the project?  Click here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-transcending-gender-project

BTS Magazine feature: Author/Actor Tara Cardinal

Author and Actor Tara Cardinal is taking on new roles as a producer, director, actress and writer, and finding out new ways on making the word a better, happier place.  Join BTS as we chat with this inspiring and multi-talented woman.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.28.55 AM

About The Author:

Tara Cardinal is the daughter of a psychic and a musician. Tara grew up on a small farm in Indiana. Cardinal moved out on her own at age 16 and worked three jobs in order to initially support herself. She was discovered in a shopping mall and acted in her first movie in 2006. Tara frequently appears in horror and fantasy films and likes to perform her own stunts. Moreover, Cardinal has not only acted on stage, but also has modeled for various comic book characters, performed at Renaissance Festivals, and even done live shows as a professional wrestler. A dedicated humanitarian and staunch advocate for children’s rights, Tara co-founded the non-profit peer counseling organization C.L.U.B. (Children Living Under Blindness) at age 12 and has toured middle schools in both America and Canada educating children on their rights and resources since the age of 15. Cardinal has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In addition, Cardinal writes poetry as well as writes for the websites the IndependentCritic.com and NerdRemix.com. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Babs Hightower
Promotions Director/BTS Promotions Team Leader 

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