“A Woman’s Grief” by Tracy James Jones

“A shattered spirit is not easy to mend – When a broken heart is your closest friend.”

Anesha Allen was a strong, independent, young woman of color. At least that is what she always told herself during the most difficult times in her life. But it wasn’t all true. She was actually a woman who had been ruled and ruined by her emotions, and those emotions had often determined the direction she would go throughout her life. With renewed determination (and a little bit of medication therapy), she finally forces herself to face up to the worst heartbreak she had ever endured. The outcome for her future, especially in concern to life and love, greatly depended on how strong she truly believed herself to be…

Release Date: September 1, 2017

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The first thing for her to acknowledge was the scream.  It wasn’t out loud, just bouncing there in the back of her mind like it always did when she knew she was on the edge. Even the tears that threated to fall from her light brown eyes were held at bay if by nothing but sheer will.  Staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, the tips of her fingers were practically numb from the grip she held onto the porcelain sink.  “I’m a strong black woman,” she mentally reminded herself.  How long she would be able to survive on that strength, she knew, depended on how well she could handle the issues that it was finally time for her to face…