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“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you have never done.” –  Author JD Houston

Those few magical words by Mr. Houston stood out to me for so many reasons when I was looking for something profound to begin this post.  Without question, I have spent many years wishing to be heard in concern to my writing, as long as I didn’t have to be seen too often to promote it. Not sure if it was low self-esteem, social anxiety or what, but long story short, I wanted my work to stand out on its own until I had no other choice. Being the introvert that I am, for reasons I still do not recall, it took the support of a lot of great people in my life to coax me out of the shadows and into the light.  The catalyst being that if I truly wanted to take my work to the next level, then I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone and do something I am usually afraid to do.  Thanks to a lot of chatting, blogging and networking throughout the month of February, I stumbled into an unforgettable journey that can best be described as being an introverted Indie author’s dream come true.  And it was an adventure that I dared myself to take all on my own.

It was February 11th when I stepped into DFW airport for a three-day trip to New York City.  For someone who had never been to NY, all the scary thoughts were there in the back of my mind, but I kept the faith that as long as I kept my wits about me, then all would be just fine.  And it was.  The weather was a bit cold, biting at times really, because the temperature was 26 degrees and constantly dropping the whole time I was there. (When I left Texas it was about 70 degrees.)  I didn’t get to sight-see as I had planned because it was just too cold, but I did take the time to admire whatever I could.

NYC Collage








The next day, February 12th, was the event that took me to New York in the first place.    In my notes, the best way to describe it was like this; As a former background extra turned indie author/aspiring screenwriter, I had long since given up any expectations of ever appearing on a movie screen.  Thanks to Emmy-Winning Director Jill Salvino, I am in NY to make my debut in the documentary feature film “Between The Shades.” Yep.  That’s what I went for.  If you read my bio you would know that a lifetime ago I was seriously into acting, but gave that up for writing.  It’s still difficult for me to describe my emotions at being chosen for this amazing project, but I can say that Jill, the director, and her whole crew were the most wonderful people I have ever met on a movie set.  The many other guests who were there to be featured were impressive and friendly as well.  If I had been there on the Celebrity day shoot, I would have likely lost my mind.  Overall, it was an experience more beautiful than even I can put into words.

BTS Collage

After my return from NY, I had a few days to catch my breath and wrap up all the things that needed to be taken care of while I gone.  The main thing was getting ready for a book signing event at a Dallas library.  By February 17th, I was all good to go.  Unknown at the time, a Dallas City Councilwoman, past and presently running, was in attendance.  I actually spoke to her and gave her all of my contact information and didn’t realize who she was until the next day.  The turnout was small but the outcome was promising for future events, making new friends and interacting with interested readers.

Highland Hill Library Event

Considering that I had been doing emotionally well with all that I had done this month thus far, I decided to reach out to various local media outlets with my story just to see what else I could do while I was still brave enough to do it.  Near the end of the week I received an invitation for a featured interview with staff reporter James Russell at the Dallas Voice, the premier media source for LGBT Texas.  This too, was one of those moments that my mind was blown because I knew if I was ever going to reach a wider local audience, this interview would definitely help.  I think I was the most calm for this than even I expected to be. The interview/photo shoot was February 22nd and the paper came out February 26th.

Dallas Voice Full Feature

Dallas Voice PDF: http://www.dallasvoice.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Dallas-Voice-02-26-16.pdf

“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.” – Unknown

So, here at the end of this post, I need to reflect on a couple of things.  Though I have no idea what this month-long adventure will do for me or my work in the future, it has, without question, allowed me to feel some level of confidence in myself.  Humble and thankful as I will forever be, it feels really good to have stepped out of the shadow of my fears and did something important for what I know I always wanted to do. As is, I am just one voice for those who are rarely seen, hardly ever heard, and often misunderstood, and this journey has made a great big difference for me no matter how long it lasts.  So please be encouraged to follow your dreams no matter what obstacles that may stand in your way, including yourself.  I am a living witness that when you least expect it, the world of unexpected wonders will open up just for you.

Thankful hugs to all of you for stopping by my page. Be safe.  Be strong.  Be you.  ~ Tracy J