Greetings, my friends.  I have a long way to go to explain the title of this post, but first, let me say this.  Regardless of all the madness that unhappy or just down right hateful people spout all over the internet on a regular basis, I am beyond thankful for the friends and connections I have made through social media.  I don’t subscribe to all of the available channels, but for those few that I do, have made all the difference in my life.  As easy as it is to reach a wider selection of people, I still have a long way to go and social media totally affords me the opportunity to continue chasing my dream in the entertainment industry.

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, this post/project has absolutely nothing to do with my books.  Yes, I am still trying to reach out to the filmmaking community and I have connected with some of the movers and shakers in the business, but nothing concrete has yet been established in concern to any of my work being made into a film.  That day will come or it won’t.  All I can do is keep shopping things around until it finally lands in the right hands.  Hopes and prayers to be continued.  Moving on…

So here’s the deal…  Some months ago I was trolling social media, Facebook to be exact, as I have recently taken to doing, in search of new connections within the film industry.  By happy chance I ran across a post on Women Filmmakers Across America about a director who was hosting a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary feature film and was looking for bloggers who might want to help spread the word.   Considering that I feature a lot of indie entertainment – authors, musicians, filmmakers and more – on my blog, I went ahead and checked out the campaign.  In just a few minutes of review I knew it was the kind of project I would be proud to support.   The heart of the project is this;

12036516_627249500750884_6036593675375219899_nBETWEEN THE SHADES is a feature film documentary that seeks to explore the shades of being gay by exploring what connects us all: our desire to love. Fifty people will be preselected to participate and share their stories for our film. We will conduct 16 -18 interviews per day for three days with the subjects being either single or as couples. There may be a few surprise visits and clips from some people you may already know. The participants will be given prompts such as best first date, worst kiss, craziest relationship, what people would and would not do for love, etc. The answers to these prompts will be cut together with the intent of showing the commonality of love.

Emmy-winning Director Jill Salvino – http://www.betweentheshades.com/


In the weeks to follow, (My original post was October 2015), I had the opportunity to speak often with the director, Jill Salvino.  All throughout the campaign process she was busy with interviews and other relate issues, but was still kind enough to chat with me about the details of the film.  Though I have supported/promoted other Kickstarter campaigns on my blog, this one was a nail-biter for me because at this point Jill had become a friend.  In the end, words cannot express how thrilled I was at the success of the campaign or my excitement to the post when the director finally said; “Now, we make a movie.”

At present time, there’s a lot of business going on surrounding this film project.  As Jill recently told me, the devil is in the details.  Those details include studio locations, shooting dates, production meetings and more.  For now, all I can tell you is that the movie will be filmed in Manhattan, New York.  I’ll keep you posted on the rest, so please stay tuned.  There’s more to this story still yet to come.  :o)


About the Director:

11224367_10208098571291129_4966239362712454364_nJill Salvino is a highly decorated creative director who has collected over 200 industry awards including an Emmy.  She has a feature length screenplay in development and has directed several shorts that include Patti LaBelle and Kevin Bacon. She is a member of Promax, a long-standing chair of the Telly Silver Counsel, and a member of the New York Women in Film and Television.  Between the Shades is her first documentary film.