12036516_627249500750884_6036593675375219899_nBETWEEN THE SHADES is a feature film documentary that seeks to explore the shades of being gay by exploring what connects us all: our desire to love.

Our documentary speaks to those who have found being in love easy, difficult and for some, even impossible.  It is for the ones that have yet to hold a hand or experienced their first kiss.

Fifty people will be preselected to participate and share their stories for our film. We will conduct 16 -18 interviews per day for three days with the subjects being either single or as couples. There may be a few surprise visits and clips from some people you may already know.

The participants will be given prompts such as best first date, worst kiss, craziest relationship, what people would and would not do for love, etc. The answers to these prompts will be cut together with the intent of showing the commonality of love.

Emmy-winning Director Jill Salvino – http://www.betweentheshades.com/

Coming soon…