Hotwife Tales: Volume 1, “Carol” by B.C. Summers
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Genre: Erotica
(Warning: if you bought “Wives Who Stray: Transformation into a Hotwife” recently DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! Except for miniscule changes to the text, in addition to a new cover and title, the two books are essentially the same book.)

Gerald and his wife of seven years, Carol, live in the upscale Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles. They are an attractive, solidly uppermiddle class couple in their thirties, and Gerald usually is out of town on business for a few days a week.

They don’t realize how deep a rut they are in, sexually speaking, until something happens to break their dull routine: Carol is selected, by luck of the draw, to go into a porn shop and buy a huge dildo as a gag gift for the organizer of the neighborhood book discussion group of which she is a member. While on this slightly racy, out of the ordinary errand, she chances to meet Skip, a handsome young rogue whose father owns the porn shop she visits, plus numerous others in the area.

Skip, who is a junior at USC, is fun, outgoing, and bold. He gives Carol some free DVDs, a very large vibrator, and his cell phone number with an invitation to call him, so the two of them can get together and she can tell him how she liked his gifts. Giving in to temptation, Carol watches the naughty films while utilizing the vibrator while Gerald is on one of his out of town trips.

She tells her husband all about her little adventure and, much to her shock; he encourages her to see Skip again the next time he is on a trip, and then to tell him every detail of their night together! Will she do that?

Will Carol do what her husband urges her to do—become a “hotwife” and cheat on him with his blessing, so that they can enjoy torrid “reclamation sex” as she recounts her cuckolding behavior?



Hotwife Tales: Volume 1, Carol—— Kindle $3.95

Erotica Romance
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