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8136tN4h1aL._SL1500_“Beauty And The Beast”

Keair Snyder


Once upon a time a beautiful girl fell in love with a beast…’ It is a tale as old as time but what if all you thought you knew about Beauty and her Beast is wrong? In this novel, Beauty comes out of the shadows to set the record straight, beginning with her first glimpse of the vampire that would change her life and moving on through the ages of love, loss, and immortality. From eighteenth century France to modern-day New Orleans, a tale is woven that will make you question your perception of what it means to live, what it means to love forever, and what it means to look the beast in the eyes and know only passion. Do you believe in magick? Can you imagine the shades of gray in things that appear black or white? Then prepare yourself for the greatest love story never told. This is not your child’s fairytale. This is the real story of Beauty and her Beast.

Purchase Link: http://amzn.com/B00K425LCG

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264031_503309836347730_1191769973_nAuthor Bio: Keair Snyder is an author from Columbus, Ohio. She lives with her boyfriend, her two dogs, her two birds, and her bunny. She is the author of two novels and is currently working on the sequel to Beauty.
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