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91oAHKJ20ML._SL1500_Immortal at Sea

(The Immortal Chronicles Book 1)

Gene Doucette


In Immortal At Sea, the first adventure in The Immortal Chronicles Adam talks about what it took to make it back to shore safely, and why it’s a bad idea to sail on a gilded ship. His adventures on the high seas have taken him from the Mediterranean to the Barbary Coast, and if there’s one thing he learned, it’s that maybe the sea is trying to tell him to stay on dry land.

“if you’ve been around for long enough, you’re bound to experience a few unpleasant things: fires, earthquakes, avalanches, volcanoes, sometimes all on the same afternoon. Boats, I can tell you from first-hand experience, sink. A lot. Sometimes it’s because whoever made the boat for you made a crappy boat. Maybe you made a crappy boat. There is also the occasional psychotically malevolent storm that doesn’t care how well designed your boat is. When you encounter something like that, and the thing you were relying upon to keep you alive ends up sinking, you really want to know you’re not too far from the safety of solid ground.  Oh, and here’s another thing to worry about when you’re in a boat: sea serpents.” –Adam

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Gene DoucetteAbout the Author:

Gene Doucette is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist, playwright, humorist, essayist, father, husband, cyclist, dog owner – and a few other things, too. He is, in other words, a writer. A graduate of Boston College, he lives in Cambridge, MA with his family. His standalone novel Fixer and the books in his critically acclaimed Immortal series – which follows a sarcastic, alcoholic, 60,000 year old man named Adam – are his publisher’s top sellers, and have spent months at a time respectively on Amazon bestseller lists. The third installment in the Immortal series – Immortal at the Edge of the World – has just been released.