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Hello reading and writing, friends and colleagues.  Thanks to Twitter & Facebook networks, I have a fantastic guest to introduce you to today; Artist & Author, Mr. Shane Evans.

 Shane W. Evansunnamed - Copy

Artist & Author

2011 NAACP Image Award

2012 Coretta Scott King Award

 Shane W. Evans, (St. Louis, Missouri), has lent artistic his talents to nearly 30 children’s books. His work has brought him recognition from the White House, an invitation to the Nation Book Festival, and has been showcased on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.  In addition to his awards and achievements, Evans has worked with many celebrities on their books, including, Holly Robinson Pete, Shaquille O’Neal, Taye Diggs, Bell Hooks, Deloris Jordan and Rosilyn Jordan, and has been published by Scholastic Inc., Harper Collins, Candlewick, Chronicle books, with more releases to come.

Tell me about your latest illustrations?  What are the books about?

I have had 4 books come out in the past year.

61jCUUB5J6L1) “28 Days”

A 28-(9) day journey celebrating the stories of great people in the world and african history that has been spread worldwide. From Nelson Mandela to Obama. It is a colorful and poetically creative voice.



2) “MIXED ME!”  With Celebrity Taye Diggs. This is our second book collaboration and is due out in October 2015.. The story of a child with a lot of energy. Very self-confident about knowing who he is. Mixed Mike is what we call him and he knows love from all sides. His mother and father come from 2 different skin tones but LOVE is the focus.

3) “Lillian’s Right to Vote.” This is the story of a 100-year-old woman who climbs to the top of a hill to vote. We go through her story to see how she fought to win the right to vote for all.  – Release date: July 2015  http://amzn.com/0385390289

61X7npsntYL4) “The Red Pencil” (Book & Film) 

(NAACP Image Award Nominee)


The Book Thief meets Hotel Rwanda and Girl Rising in this stunning film adaptation of The New York Times critically acclaimed novel. It is the story of twelve-year-old Amira, who lives in a Sudanese farming village. Her one true wish is to attend school, despite the values of her traditional mother who believes girls should spend their days helping with chores or preparing to marry. When Amira’s home is ravaged by attackers, she and her family seek safety in a displacement camp. Her world is shattered  until a simple, unexpected treasure reveals endless possibilities.

 Who or what inspired you to work on this series?

5114rWQFBmL Regarding CHOCOLATE ME! And MIXED ME! This is a series that came out of the friendship between Taye and I. We went to school in Rochester (SOTA) and went to Syracuse together at SU. We came up with the idea for “Chocolate Me!” and published the first book years later. This sparked the second book “MIXED ME!” and because of the success of the first and the buzz with the second we are already talking about going to a 3rd book as well as expanding into animation.




What was your favorite part of the book to work on?

As the illustrator it is always telling the story that is interwoven into the words that you can’t see. There are many more stories in the pictures so I am always looking for ways to tell more of the story in the pictures. Clues and hints all the way through.

What do you find most rewarding in this?

Getting to connect with children and families.

Do you have any other books/illustrations complete or in progress?

unnamed Yes. I have about 30-35 titles that have the name Shane W. Evans on the cover, some illustrated by me and/or both illustrated and authored.

What are your future plans with this project?

GROW into a global brand and a movement that brings families together around challenging topics that have to be addressed in a loving way. This is what Chocolate Me!, Mixed Me! & Olu’s Dream are all about.

Anything else you would like to add for future fans and friends?

To just be positive even if negative situations arise. Ask your heart for guidance and be KIND and LOVING. Hit us up at the Facebook pages and help us reach out to many.


The best links are going to be FACEBOOK and SOCIAL MEDIA.



www.chocolatemetoo.com (this should be evolving)


Thank you so much, Shane, for sharing your amazing list of talents with me and my friends.  Best wishes to your continued success.  I look forward to featuring you again in the near future.  ~ Tracy J

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