Many of my amazing, talented friends have been playing along with this new game where we have to list 10 things we’ve done/experienced that would make our lives an interesting story. Well, as I so carefully posted, outside of everything I have already shared, all the other interesting things in my life are either too weird, too scary, or too personal to share.  I promised I would give it a try, so here goes…

  1. My quiet, but internationally successful short story, “The Crush,” is based mostly on a true story.  Mine.  It was written one month prior to my class reunion and I had no idea it would end almost exactly like the story until it happened.
  2. When I was in college and went on Spring Break to Las Vegas, I met someone who became one of the greatest loves of my life. Despite strong efforts on both our parts to get the other to relocate, it never happened. To date, we have a long standing friendship based on love and respect for each other. We never speak about the emotional difficulties we put each other though during the past.
  3. I’m a spiritual person. I believe in God and trust his judgment over anything anyone says about who He loves and what He hates.  I cannot speak for others, but I’m this way because I know the miracles that He has performed for me and my life.
  4. Most of y’all already know that I met Tom Cruise when I was a featured extra in one of his movies. That wasn’t the only movie set I was on, so I met a few others as well.  The kindest was a then teenage Winona Ryder, Jason Robards, to name a few.  Rob Lowe was also on this other set, but I didn’t meet him and I skipped that later chance after the film was over because I didn’t go to the wrap party. Working on films was fun and there were some really down to earth people I got the meet.  Also, there were some who were so downright rude I refuse to mention their names or ever watch a movie they are in again.
  5. When I was 17, I spent the summer in Leesville, Louisiana where my father’s Roofing company was working on a business project. I met a young married couple from Michigan and we became fast friends.  On a lunch date with her we had a deep conversation that led her to telling me something private about her husband.  It was secret I am still bound to keep to this day.
  6. My book, “Secrets & Lies” came to me in a reoccurring dream. I originally wrote it in short story form and featured it in my collection called “The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park.”  After that was done, the dreams started again right where the short story left off.  And that is where the full length novel came from.  The new main character, Bren Searcy, in some form, is based on me.
  7. In my youth I was a curious type only child. As I grew older my curiosity about things in life were always with me, especially when it came to understanding myself.  Long story short, experience really is a great teacher, but I know why it was said that curiosity killed the cat.  It almost did.
  8. I have traveled a lot in my life and it was an adventure I will always cherish. The best was Sandy, Utah. Beautiful city with beautiful, friendly people. The worst was the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Things got really weird down there when the Sun went down.  Seriously scary. Getting back to the car was like a matter of life or death and I dare not say why.
  9. I was a foster parent for right at 15 years and a caregiver for the sick and elderly as well. I am thankful for what I learned about older people, children and life throughout those years.
  10. If I had to name three people who had a great/positive impact on my life, it would be what I learned about Martin Luther King Jr., my maternal grandmother and my dad. It is an honor to be inspired by a generation that lived through some of the hardest times in life and still turned out to be the best people in the world. At the end of my life, I hope to be remembered as to have been just like them.

And there you have it.  I really didn’t think I could do this, but once I started thinking over my life I found some interesting things that I could share without over sharing.  Some things you just have to keep private, but it was fun to share with you the things that I could.  ~