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10726427_873285092696012_1300535962_n“Torn: Sixty days of Calaboose

~ A Fictional Memoir ~

 (Contemporary Psychological LGBT Drama)

Warning: Adult language, mild sexual situations.

“It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste…

For some, it is also a very terrifying thing to lose…”

 Logline: Unjustly accused of a crime, a sensitive, feminine male struggles to keep his sanity while incarcerated in a small town jail fully inhabited by a variety of unpredictable strangers.


What could possibly go wrong for a sensitive effeminate male unexpectedly incarcerated in a room full of unpredictable strangers?  For Adrian Bailey, just about everything, and in the midst of constant fear, lies, prejudice, and madness, he finds more…

 Excerpt:  From the diary of Adrian Bailey

The United Rural Farmers Detention Center (U.R.F.D.C.) located on the center-south side of downtown was a new place with an old name and a reputation that preceded it for many generations.   In the whole county, name recognition was everything from Judges, Lawyers, business owners, city officials and more.  The U.R.F. had its share as well, all the way up the chain of Command, and just like everyone else in the county, some of them also had a few brushes with the law, some extremely serious, but none of their names would ever follow the word “inmate.”  That was just one of the stories that would pop into Adrian’s mind as he sat again cuffed to a bench, waiting his turn to be processed in.  Another horrific tale that would come to mind was the stories of beatings, abuse of authority, and even rape.  Being asked for a contact name in case of rape was actually one of the questions on the inmate registration form.  Adrian insisted to leave that section blank because if something like that happened, what good would it do him to call any of his people and tell them.

While the entrance attendant was re-working his booking papers, Adrian was un-cuffed and handed over to a guard and led to the nearest holding tank down the hall.  On the way, the guard, a stocky young guy with glasses and a crooked smile asked Adrian a personal question.

“You really thirty-eight,” he asked point blank and staring.

“Yes,” Adrian said soft and plain.

“Humph.  You don’t look it,” the guard decided to say. Adrian wasn’t sure if he should thank him for the compliment or worry he was fishing for a date.  Instead, he simply nodded his head forward and moved on to where he was being led.

When the guard had him delivered to the holding cell, he had the look on his face like he wanted to ask something else.  The question was easy to figure considering Adrian’s obvious sexual orientation, but the guard only opened his mouth, closed it again, and smiled crookedly as he relocked the cell.  Thinking on it later, Adrian had a whole new fear settled in his mind because he realized what the guard was clearly seeing was how feminine he looked.  He was tall and thin, hair and nails were long, and his voice was as soft as any woman he knew.  The fact that he favored his mother, with his father’s American Indian-mixed skin, he grew up often confused with being female, which was as close to being one as he could possibly feel.  Looking the way he did, the problems he thought he could soon have were far worse than he wanted to imagine.  The guard was probably thinking just that, he felt, but had the decency not to say it out loud…

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