“The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick” YA Paranormal Series by SJB Gilmour (Part2)

The second group of the Pack Coppernick Tales.  These are shorts – usually about 10 – 15k words, focusing on the supporting cast in the main series.  They are:
“Guardians of The One”

Blurb: When two young, and very ordinary, Brown Coat werewolves meet, the last thing they expect is to become two of the most important, and most extraordinary ever. They are about to become Guardians of The One, the legendary werewolf who will call Werenmesse, the gathering of all Folk of Were to unite under the leadership of the mightiest werewolf of all…

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71kA-pKwZ7L._SL1024_“Run Ronny Run!”

Blurb: Centuries before he joined the Golden Mane werewolf Sarah Coppernick and her friends, Ronny the gnome wasn’t exactly what you’d call a respectable fellow.  This tale is about just one of his many adventures and also explains how he first met the eccentric and even less respectable Master of Enchanted Flora, the sorcerer James Isaacs.

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81gzBsjxZwL._SL1500_“Melanie Hazelwood, NIghtsmith”
Blurb: Battles have been fought, adventures taken, and now Melanie Hazelwood, the young companion of Sarah Coppernick, has taken her place as Empress of Jilde, the home-world of the goblins. A grand position to be sure, but was a small human girl ever meant to reach such heights???

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61D6VzOJgSL._SL1024_“Benjamin McConnell, Silver Shroud.”

Blurb: “Before I start, I must point out that I’m a spellweaver, not a storyteller. I’ve been nagged into doing this, and I’m still not completely convinced it’s a good idea. I’m not about to attempt to pen any long epic tome detailing all my adventures. I’ll leave that to someone better suited to the task. What I am going to tell you is how I became the cursed werewolf I am, how I met Angela of Troy, and how I got tangled up in the biggest adventure of them all… ” (Benjamin McConnell, Silver Shroud Werewolf)
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61MipqvS0qL._SL1024_“Angela of Troy”

Blurb: Angelina Troy was a woman of legend. Seasoned veterans feared her sword and gods themselves lusted after her body, just as demons in the pits of the darkest hells loathed her and her necromantic power. Nothing, it seemed, could bring her down. Then she met the one man who neither feared her nor desired her. It was that encounter which was the beginning of her ultimate undoing and her terrible fall from grace…
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unnamed About the Author:

I live in Melbourne Australia with my wonderful wife and two fantastic daughters. I was raised in the family footwear business where I still work, but I’ve done a great deal besides. I’ve edited, researched, sub-edited and published. I’ve done a stint in the Royal Australian Navy, run a small café and pumped diesel at a bus depot. I’m a travel junkie, amateur birdwatcher and overall book and film nerd.

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