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As an indie author, I have spent many years reading about writing, all the way back to high school, in college and in the present, to comprehend everything that is expected to be mastered for the success of a novel.  Like many of my indie colleagues, I still struggle to get my work ‘just right’ and no matter how much I have learned, I know there is always room for improvement. Without question, I have not been able to retain all the information I have ever read, but I do recall many of the different techniques offered and suggested.  After years of chasing my publishing dream, I finally know where my limitations are.   Aside from writing interesting stories and agent-ready query letters, at least so I have been told, my greatest issue after the fact has been with marketing and promotions.  As mentioned earlier, I remember a lot of this information from early on, and though these rules change or improve somewhat as the publishing industry grows, knowing how to reach a targeted audience is an absolute must for those of us who are doing this on their own and finally have a chance to make the grade.  What really gets me about that is the fact that most of us already know something about Marketing, we may just need a little reminder.  This is where Dk Walker’s free ebook guide, “Marketing Partnerships for Authors” comes in handy.

10706545_857787924245729_1004537334_n“Marketing Partnerships for Authors,” for me, was like a refresher course of information I knew but had forgotten, to understand where I stood with marketing, realize what limits I was putting on myself with marketing, and offered valuable information on how to engage partnerships with readers, writers and promotions in order to help my work become a more universal success.  Just that simple, but it made all the difference in my world to be reminded of some very important techniques that I had somehow allowed to get away from me.

You don’t really have to take my word for it, but I will suggest that you give this book a read.  After all, it’s free, and you never know what you may be missing and/or have forgotten in regards to the many hats that indie authors already wear throughout the process of making their work a success.  To get your copy, please follow this link.  https://enelpublishingservices.leadpages.net/1st-incentive-offer/

Best wishes on your success!

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10707948_857787684245753_873699131_nDK Walker, born and raised in Washington D.C., is an author who’s cut from the old school cloth of storytelling.  He is married, father of two and is fond of saying that life has been a faithful teacher. The lesson’s he’s learned, he has written about, and hopes to compare notes with his readers one book at a time…

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