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The Biblical Legends Anthology Series is in the speculative fiction genre. I ask writers to send me stories, poems, and essays on a specific biblical theme and then publish them as a theme-based anthology. The first anthology was Garden of Eden, published in February this year.  You’ll find elements of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, paranormal, and weird literature in these stories.  Also contains flash fiction stories, short stories, poetry, and one essay with a diverse range of characters that include

* Dust motes
* Gnomes
* Water Rats
* Roaches
* Ghosts
* Angels
* Virtual characters
* and more

You’ll be surprised, shocked, frightened, and amused. Every page is riddled with great prose from great writers. These authors take speculative fiction into a whole new arena with weird characters and strange situations.

                                                                       Story titles include:

* In The Beginning We Did Have Someone On The Ground
* Gossip in the Gard
* Mote
* Renovation
* A Ghost and a Thought
* We Who Bleed
* One Bit Off
* Water Rats
* Agent of Good
* The Genesis of the Incorporeum
* The Gardeners of Eden
* The Roots of All Evil
* Survey
* Breach
* Before Dawn Can Wake Us

 The book can be purchased at the following locations:

 Garden of Eden (free download)


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