71MrUZXC6nL“Trailer Trash With A Girl’s Name”

By Stacey Roberts

Genre: Humor/Biography

“Trailer Trash With A Girl’s Name” is the laugh-out-loud story of Stacey Robert’s uphill climb from birth to manhood.  An enormously entertaining series of anecdotes and insights, it carries readers from the hospital room where Stacey was born to the Winnebago in which he was forced to live a nomad’s life, introducing a laundry list of deliciously flawed characters along the way, including Stacey’s determined single mother and the string of men she married.

Sure to touch your heart as well as split your side, “Trailer Trash With A Girl’s Name” combines remarkably real storytelling with a wit and humor that anyone with a dysfunctional family can appreciate.

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About the Author

Author photoStacey Roberts was born in a smoky hospital in New Jersey in 1971. Nine years later, he and his family moved into a Winnebago and traveled across the country. After several near-death experiences, they settled first in California and then Florida.

He attended college at Florida State University and University of Miami, where he received his B.A. in English Literature instead of Finance, which was a great disappointment to his mother.

He went on to get a Master’s degree in Early Modern European History at the University of Cincinnati, to which his mother said, “SSSStace. History? What do you need that for? What is wrong with you?”

His mother was right. He didn’t need it for anything, except to make arcane references about the Roman Empire or Henry VIII that no one else understands.

He founded a computer consulting firm outside of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1994, and resides in Northern Kentucky with his two brilliant daughters and their less than brilliant yellow dog Sophie.

TRAILER TRASH, WITH A GIRL’S NAME is his first novel.