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Secrets & Lies“Secrets & Lies”

Multicultural, Romantic, Drama.

And so it begins… In the middle of the night, on the northwest side of the city whose name means “Buffalo Creek,” inside an apartment complex called “Magnolia Park.” A new young couple opens the door to their world, carefully disguised by “Secrets & Lies…”

Camilla Vargas was in heaven. Despite a few setbacks, even at twenty-five she recognized how far her beauty and education had taken her. But she had always wanted more and she knew she was on the right track get it. Her job at social services was a good step in that direction and she could already picture a successful future as long as she kept her head. Keeping her head was momentarily a bit of a challenge as she enjoyed the immediate comforts of sexual release in the arms of a man with an equal amount of ambition. In the moment she was consumed by passion. More so than she dared to expect. It had been a while, a long while, since she had allowed herself the pleasure of man, and for once she knew she had chosen well. He was amazing, the words whispered from her lips every time he pressed himself harder into her. She was so close to climax she nearly tore through the sheets beneath her hands in throbbing anticipation. And then he froze.