SavingDrakeFinal“Saving Drake”

(a novella)

Rachel and Drake fall in love by accident.

They meet by chance – mutual attraction, an alignment of coincidence and wit. Drake is haunted by a love, long lost. Rachel’s faith in love will be tested to the breaking point. This is how people fall in love – typical conceptions of ‘love and romance’ need not apply.

‘Saving Drake’ is a real love story (no bodices were ripped in the making).

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 About The Author:

JD Mader JD Mader is a writer and musician who hangs his laptop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mader began writing professionally at age fourteen as a sportswriter and columnist in San Diego. He is a graduate of the illustrious Creative Writing program at San Francisco State University.

Mader is an award winning short story writer and novelist. His work has been described as “powerful and real”, “gritty”, and “rock and roll-literary”. “Joe Café” is a character-based, psychological drama. “Please, no eyes.” is a collection of short stories, many of which take place in San Francisco. “The Biker” is the first in a series of Matt Stark novels – urban, postmodern takes on the classic western form. Mader maintains a blog: www.jdmader.comand frequently writes about fishing and motorcycling. He is the president of a MC club, the PPMC.