After I blogged about my promotional ignorance, Tracy was the first to come to my rescue, quickly offering me the opportunity to promote my new novel here at Let’s Talk About Books. Thank you, Tracy. It’s much appreciated. You’re my first stop on my first blog tour, and I have a sweet, short excerpt to share.


BDAButton Down

By Dawn Kimberly Johnson


 When he finds himself captivated by a movie-star handsome stranger he meets in a bar, lawyer Ford Reilly watches a simple one-night stand develop into a taste of what living honestly might bring him.

Out and proud Gus Hansen has built a small architectural firm from nothing, but could lose it all as he tries to break a contract he signed before knowing about the project’s antigay ties.

After Ford discovers he spent a passionate night with the man on the other side of the dispute he’s handling, he finds himself in more than one quandary. He can either maintain the status quo, enforcing the contract to the letter, or he can defy his overbearing father and break free of the closeted life he’s built for himself in order to be with Gus.

Gus has his own choices to make. He knows the sting of loving a man who hides himself, but the longer he lingers in Ford’s presence, the more difficult it becomes to deny their attraction.


Ford focused on adding sugar and cream to his coffee. He had had too much to drink and didn’t want it to show any more than it already had when he tripped and spilled his drink. He briefly considered offering to pay for the bigot’s dry-cleaning, but his mind quickly shifted to the gorgeous man sitting opposite him. The man’s thick, tousled auburn hair just begged to be played with, and his clean-shaven face was chiseled and striking. He thought the man should be on the big screen, matching wits with Barbara Stanwyck or Bette Davis. Finding his rescuer’s gaze unnerving, Ford kept his eyes low, watching the man’s hands as they cradled an icy beer mug, his long, elegant fingers sliding up and down the smooth, moist glass—caressing it. Ford shivered.

The man grinned at him when Ford finally glanced up from his coffee. His deep-set, dark-blue eyes appeared to twinkle beneath his brow. Ford nervously sipped his coffee as his gaze flitted over the man’s face, his aquiline nose, his warm smile, and across his broad shoulders, down muscled arms, and back to those hands. Grinning slyly, Ford took another sip.

“What?” the stranger asked.


“You’re smiling.”

“Oh… uh, I was just thinking….”


“You look like… I mean you remind me of… um—”

“Go on.”

“A young Olivier or Heston.” Ford’s voice faded a bit at the end of his statement, shocked into silence as he realized he’d said that out loud. The man’s eyes widened in surprise, and color rose to his cheeks. Ford studied his face more closely. I’m guessing mid to late twenties? Please not any younger.

The man’s smile was lopsided as he spoke. “You flatter me… um…?”

“Ford. My name is Ford.”

The man extended his hand—cool from gripping his beer mug—across the table, and Ford shook it, his hand warm from his coffee mug. “You can call me Gus. And you, Ford, don’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen before.”

The soft, earnest tone of Gus’s voice gave Ford pause, but he smiled at the warmth and interest in the man’s eyes. They sat staring at each other for a while, until a man and woman, apparently Gus’s friends, joined them, at which point Ford realized he and Gus were still holding hands—hands that were now the same temperature.


Buy Links: Button Down is available for pre-order at Dreamspinner Press and goes on sale December. 23, 2013


Mini-Bio: A native of West Virginia, Dawn Kimberly Johnson earned a BA from the Marshall University W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications and worked as a copy editor at The Charleston Daily Mail for eight years.

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