Can she remember enough to save herself?  Can she change enough to save her planet?

A woman wakes to find herself pregnant but amnesiac. In exploring the building within which she awoke, she discovers a children’s play room and an enticing train set. Touching the train transports her into the river valley the train model set up had reflected, and she faces three trials. Upon completing the final trial she wakes to another new reality, this time on a space ship, where she learns her trials were part of a far greater transformation and that her line is intended to form the core of a resistance against alien invaders now marauding the Earth.

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A voracious reader since she was a toddler, and an ordained spiritualist, Tonya Cannariato has now presided over the marriage of her love of reading and her love of writing. She’s lived a nomadic life, following first her parents in their Foreign Service career through Africa, Europe, and Asia, and then her own nose criss-crossing America as she’s gotten old enough to make those choices for herself. She’s currently based in Milwaukee with her three loves: her husband and two Siberian Huskies. She suspects her Huskies of mystical alchemy with their joyous liberation of her muse and other magical beings for her inspiration. She loves to sleep, to watch her interesting dreams, some of which are now finding new life in written form.