542041_3625525124351_463373605_nHelle Gade (Denmark) I first started writing in 2011 when all the action in my head got too much and writing became an outlet. It wasn’t until October 2012 I wrote my first poem ever. Four months later I published my first poetry collection “Silent Dreams” which readers have greeted very positively. When I’m not writing I take pictures and stuff myself with chocolate.

 Webpages: http://dooid.me/hellegade  & http://hellegade.wordpress.com/

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Nocturnal Embers

 Genre: Poetry Collection

 Free October 9th & 10th

 Nocturnal Embers is a collection of poetry and poetic images that comes from the heart and soul of the author. It tells about the life of a person who suffers from chronic pain. Of the thoughts that prey on her in the Night. Of the simple joys we must not forget. All with a touch of Nordic mythology.

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