James PeercyJames William PeercyDenison, Texas – spent his early years in California, (fifteen minutes from Disneyland!). As to the effect of this experience, we can only guess, but imagination seems to make the top of the list. His later years in Texas, he holds a BA in Computer Science with a minor in Math. Although analytical, the creative side has to find a way out. To ease the pain, he designs websites, programs code, and writes. If you like the site/book, drop him a line. If you don’t like the site/book, drop him a line anyway. He will appreciate the feedback.

As in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘May the hair on your toes never fall out!’


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51nTXyk88+L._SS500_Without a Conscious…


They tried to kill a nation.

Revenge and genocide, is that even possible?

Walk into the arena of Without A Conscious… where an unsuspecting college student is dragged into a world he never knew.

Under a ruthless plot carried out in the name of progress and greed, our nation is attacked. Hindered from the truth by those in power, it’s a fight for the right to survive. When Cliff finds a photo of his murdered grandmother under the door of his apartment, his whole world explodes. Haunted by a mysterious caller, hunted by an unknown murderer, this mystery drags an ordinary college boy into a foul formula for genocide.

With only twenty-four hours to deliver what the caller wants, without knowing what it is, Cliff encounters a seductive temptress, a helpful turncoat, a broken heart, and a mystery which started in 1950. Do you dare?

Without a Conscious…  Link: http://amzn.com/0615637833