Melissa ZaroskiMelissa Zaroski – (Chicago, Illinois) has had a love of writing her entire life.  As a child she would write her own books (for her own enjoyment, of course!) and poetry.  She had a very vivid imagination and loved coming up with her own stories.  She had dreams to be an author when she grew up.

By junior high and high school, she worked on an unpublished novel for two years — using her friends as characters and creating storylines about them.  The novel, printed on computer paper and put in a 3-ring binder, was passed around her circle of friends as each chapter was written.  During her teenage years she dabbled in poetry quite a bit.

As she got older she really didn’t have the time (or ideas) to write and took a long hiatus from it.  Now as an adult, she has had several plots swirling around in her head and finally decided to pursue writing once more. She would love to see her beloved series become a smash and become a movie series…but that’s just a pipe dream!

Melissa currently writes several columns for Examiner.com.


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eBook-CoverFamily Secrets (Davenport Manor)

Genre: Paranormal

The series takes place in the fictional small town of Davenport, IL on the sprawling property of the founding family’s 200-year old Manor. Emma Davenport is over 200 years old and has remained with her family through the generations, who have accepted her for what she is. Her sixth-great nephew, Daniel Davenport, lives with her on the property as her “younger brother”, who she gained guardianship of when his parents and sister were tragically killed. He is a young Hollywood actor that is the star of a blockbuster movie franchise.

When the current installment of the movie franchise is filmed on the Davenport property, Emma is completely taken by a human actor that she has adored from afar for years, Todd Foster. Their relationship blossoms, but not without turmoil; mostly stemming from her immortal offspring and partner-in-crime, Zachariah Dancy and her maker, the ancient Scottish/Irish vampire, Aidan O’Shea. The ghosts (literally) of Emma’s past begin to harass Todd, wanting her to fess up for her wrong-doings.

Emma learns that there’s a reason for her immense attraction to Todd, one that surprises the both of them. With this revelation, Todd’s life is forever changed and will always be in danger, as will Emma’s if she keeps him around. Todd learns that there is more to Emma than just being an average vampire and wonders what kind of future he will face now that she has become a part of his life.

Note: *ADULT CONTENT – Please purchase the YA Edition if under 18*

Adult Version: http://amzn.com/B00EXVP3YK

YA Version: https://www.createspace.com/4405317