Ten years ago it was 2003.  I could not tell you one single thing that was going on around me, outside of writing and breathing, unless I dusted off some of my old diaries or did a little background research, neither of which I planned to do for this post.  This post, for no other reason, is to share a piece of my writing life history because that year was the publication of my very first novel.  Though it was intended to be a three book series, it would be 8 long years before I tried writing a novel again.

The book was called “Searching For Eden – The Story of Stacy Christian.”  It wasn’t my first attempt at creative writing, but it was the one that managed to get published at a time when self-publishing was considered the absolute worst thing any writer could do.  I said “so what” because I wanted to write and whether it was well received or not, it meant a lot to me to see that book in print.  I was young and hard-headed too and being told “no” was not an option I would easily accept.  I may have had some second thoughts about some of it later, especially the editing, but I never regretted it.  I loved that book because the story idea was mine and mine alone and it was then as it is now a writing dream come true.  Because of that very book I am a happy indie author today.  But as I saying…

“Searching For Eden” was initially based on an amazing young guy I met with a group of college friends on a spring break trip to Las Vegas.  With a little creative flair I changed the central location to Texas, added a life or death situation for the title character, and wrapped the whole story up with a little bit of sex, new friendships, and a whole lot of drama.  The original title was “For The Love of Stacy Christian,” and not to give anything away, I changed the title because it was a bit too personal for all the characters involved, especially me.  After the book was published, I managed to make a great connection with Hastings Entertainment, based here in Texas, and set out on my first book signing tour.  The tour, which took me all over Texas, Arizona, and even Nevada, was more than a dream come true for a self-published author.  I had the best time of my life.  What made it even better was meeting so many wonderful people and making new friends.  The icing on the cake is what I am going to share with you hereafter.

Hastings Book Signing Tour - 2003

Okay…  What first-time author would not get a kick out of seeing their name on a marquee sign?  To be honest, I didn’t even see it, let alone expect it.  I was nervous enough.  My aunt who was with me saw it first and took a photo of it for me.  (LOL)  Can I say I giggled all the way home?

Also, while I was still in Texas, I had a signing event at Hastings in Denton and spent the weekend with one of my college friends who was by then a Teacher’s Assistant at the University of North Texas.  Through him I got the opportunity to attend my very first frat party with art shows the first night and live bands the next.  Can I say I had a blast! (Giggles) It was at one of those parties that I was introduced around as I handed out bookmarks and flyers for my book signing that I met a beautiful young man who would eventually send me my very first fan letter.  He was the most handsome guy ever, (I write with a girlish grin on my face), and from the moment we met I would never forget that he was just as much a beautiful person inside as he was on the outside. (And super smart too!) Is it weird to say that we held hands like we were old friends from the moment we met until the time he left? (Sigh). Anyway, going on with my tour, when I finally made it home, I found he had sent me an email that would steal my heart forever.

Fan Mail - 2003

Ah yes, I always want to giggle every time I read that. His calling me a “multi-faceted beauty” got me.  At the time of this email the internet was still fairly new, but I still keep a printed copy of it along with all the memorabilia from my tour.  In case you are wondering, no, I have no idea whatever happened to this guy and I have never tried to find him either.  What matters is the life long impression he left on me and for that I will always treasure that amazing moment in time.

For now, I guess that is about it for my blast from the past.  After that tour was over, keep in mind it was a road trip, I had planned on going out again.  Hastings was already prepared for me to make another tri-state run, but to my dismay a family crisis came up, then real life got in the way, and then an unexpected issue with my heart.  It took me a while to recover from that, but everything worked out fine.  Eight years later I was finally writing again.  To date, I have several published novels, short stories and my blog.  Ten years later I have somewhat quietly gained a little bit of success from everything I learned from the beginning.  Ten years from now?  I can only imagine.

About the book: For now, “Searching For Eden” is not available in ebook form, but the print book is still floating around until that old contract runs out.  Once everything dies down later this year after the conventions and such, I will work on getting it redesigned for ebook and someday in print through amazon.  If you are curious about the book now, here is a bit of information about it.  At the present the book would be classified as New Adult – Adventure Drama.

Searching For Eden Cover                      “Searching For Eden”

  -The Story of Stacy Christian –


    Stacy Christian ran away from his family and home in Anaheim, California when he was seventeen years old, and never dared to be seen there again.  He didn’t run just because he wanted to, but because he had to, or he would have been dead by the light of the next day.  .  When he was finally far away enough to catch his breath, he found himself in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Though he was out of place in the extravagant city of money and power, Stacy managed to survive the mean streets with a promise of living the good life, thanks to his chance meeting with a rich and beautiful socialite, Bethany Foster-Thompson.  She would introduce him to a life he never dreamed.

*   *   *

  By the time he was twenty-one, Stacy had been transformed from a street-wise kid into a well groomed, well-spoken young man, despite the lustful deeds he had performed to get there.  Whether he was happy or not had everything to do with his desire for Bethany, against his distaste for her dashing, but devilish younger husband, Devin.  Financially, Stacy was living the life he had always dreamed, but emotionally he was still far from escaping the nightmares of his life’s past.

It was just after a hard night at work that Stacy received his first deadly reminder of his past in the form of a warning.  His second clue came while on vacation with the Thompson’s at South Padre` Island, Texas, in which the couple were brutally attacked, leaving one with a bloody lump, and the other near dead.  For the sake of his own life and future, Stacy flees the scene only to find refuge in the protective arms of five Texas strangers.

In a short time, Stacy disregards his troubles and becomes more involved in the lives of his new Texas friends.  He soon finds himself caring for them more than he ever thought he could, but before long, they are suddenly involved in the horrid events he had been trying to avoid.  In the end, it is for the lives of his friends that Stacy comes face to face with his enemy, past and present, before someone else ends up paying for the mistakes he had been trying to forget.  For the life he hopes to escape, and the future he seeks to find, this is where his journey begins, “Searching For Eden…”