Open Casting Call

Location: Lake County, IL

Dates & Times: Available upon interest and request at contact listed below

We are looking for 8 actors, age 12-21, male and female, for the production of our new independent summer film, “Teen-o-Rama”, the tale of twelve eccentric suburban teens who by way of scooter venture crosstown en route to a party on the last day of summer…

ANGELO – Male, Hispanic/Latino, short, thin.
“Shy, curious, smart, polite, soft-spoken, the kind of 14-year-old boy who smiles at the sun when it gives him warmth”.

JONNY – Male, Caucasian, short, athletic.
“Brave, friendly, competitive, open, free-spirited, the kind of 14-year-old boy who learns his streetwise and makes his fame from TV and Internet”.

SEPHIE – Female, Caucasian, short, thin.
“Quiet, mysterious, natural, cool, studious, the kind of 14-year-old girl who observingly spends her Sundays watching her parents fight over simple table arrangements”.

ADAM – Male, Caucasian, tall, athletic.
“Flamboyant, neat, affectionate, stylistic, raw, the kind of 14-year-old boy too gay-proud and glee-confident to ever back down”.

DEVON – Male, African-American, short or tall, thin.
“Gamer, geeky, intense, religious, communal, the kind of 14-year-old boy a mother would call “baby” in front of his friends”.

FATTIE and BEANO (twins) – Males, Any race or color, short or tall, wide build.
“Sporty, stocky, comic, strong, irritable, the kind of 14-year-old twins who use their specialness to ‘always get away with it'”.

PHIL – Male, Caucasian, tall, thin.
“Silly, naive, dim, sweet, gullible, the kind of 15-year-old dude who went far out a long time ago…”.

VIDEO AUDITIONS WELCOMED. If you or anyone you know is interested please contact us at teenorama.ojoproductions@gmail.com for details. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Omar Haro
OjO Productions