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 2012 RONE Awards: Week 6 Voting Period

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RONE Award voting list for week 6

Friday, May 24 thru Saturday, June 1, 2013.


Categories: Mystery, Inspirational, Young Adult, Young Adult Paranormal

And the Nominees Are;


Fair Weather – Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Deadly Affair – Lucinda Brant

Heros and Lovers – Wayne Zurl

Relative Deceit – Karen Aminadra

The Professor – Cathy Perkins

Walls of Ash – Amber Newberry

Whiskey Sour – Liliana Hart

The Ruth Valley Missing – Amber West

Sea Of Secrets – Amanda DeWees


Dark Days of Promise – Shaunna Gonzales

Emerald Fire – HalleeBridgeman

Powerless Consent – Janet Nash

Real Virtue – Katy Lee

The Attaché – David Bond

Topaz Heat (Pt. 3 of the Jewel Trilogy) – Hallee Bridgeman

Letters to My Children – Russell Bittner

Legacy of Lies – Stephania H. McGee

 Young Adult:

At What Cost – Jessie Andersen

Clothed in Thunder: In the Shadow of the Cedar, BK. 2 Sheila Hollinghead

Life on the Edge – Jennifer Comeaux

Savage Cinderella – PJ Sharon

Sway – Jennifer Gibson

Thundersnow – Shelia Odom Hollinghead

Traffic Jam – Melissa Groeling

Breathe – Elena Dillon

 Young Adult – Paranormal:

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic – Kate Policani

Evie’s Knight – Kimberly Krey

To Dance in Liradon – Adrienne Clarke

Torn – Christine Hughes

A Kiss for Emily – J.P. Galuska

Casting Shadows: The Ash Grove Chronicles, Bk. 2 – Amanda DeWees

Embrace – Stacey Rourke

Silent Song – Ron C. Nieto

Souled – Diane Murdock

The Conduit – Stacey Rourke

The Never Prayer – Aaron Michael Ritchey

Willow – Amy Ritchie

Eyes of Lightning – Erin Keyserhorn

Wishing You Were Here: Soul Mates Book 1 – Catherine Chant

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