Getting Some Cover - Large“Getting Some”

Blurb: ‘What do you do when getting what you want in life and love requires giving up everything you thought you owned? Chama, Tasha and Coco are three friends pursuing their dreams in London. Tasha’s newly-minted, new-age world view makes her current life peaceful and her gangster past something of a distant memory – until her man’s self-imposed celibacy ban is broken just long enough for him to impregnate her – and propose to someone else.  Coco’s just about managing to keep her life, her staff and her husband firmly in the palm of her hand, until one wild indiscretion sends her into a tailspin and causes everything she knows to crumble. Chama’s Christian values – and her belief in happily ever after – are challenged by her husband’s impotence. Does a founding member and head of the women’s ministry of the Blessed Family Church leave her husband for his inability to have sex? Things come to a head when the secret that two of them have allowed to remain buried erupts in one life-changing afternoon and it seems like things can never be the same again.’


Bio: Kiki Terrell is a writer, entrepreneur and mother of three. Originally from the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, she’s now based in the UK. ‘Getting Some’ is the first novel in the ‘Coco Devine’ series, and Kiki is presently working on the sequel ‘Itch’ planned for release in summer 2013. When she’s not at her desk spinning her sexy, funny tales about life, love and relationships, Kiki’s either watching movies, reading, spending time with her kids or feeding the shoe monster that lives in her closet.’

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