After numerous submissions, posts, and open conversations, it has finally been brought to my attention, by various sources, that the subject matter of my books are too controversial for traditional media even though they contain no explicit sex, no extreme acts of violence, or anything much else outside of the condition of being emotionally human. Well now.  How about that?  My response to that is hmmm…

I don’t really see myself as an activist type of writer.  What my work does is show that there are other types of people of race, creed, and sexual orientations, usually unseen or noticed, who endure the joys and pains of everyday life just as anyone else.  If that makes my work controversial, then I must be doing something right.  The human condition is a part of us all and if it is wrong to bring fair and honest attention to their cause, oh well, life goes on.  I totally understand that no matter how open-minded people have become, there are still some subjects that are too real for some to face. The point is, people are people, no matter what type of life or lifestyle they live

For all of my friends, fans, and colleagues who continue to support me and my work, I thank you, and for those who don’t, in the words of one of my mom’s favorite songs; “A Change Is Gonna Come.”


If I get into trouble over this picture, I will remove it.  But the post will still stand.