The 2012 RONE Awards!

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It’s time for all readers to voice their opinion about the best indie and small published literary works for 2012!  Starting today, Friday April 19, 2013, the first week of voting will open!  The following Friday, week one will close and week two’s polling will then take its place.  Reader’s will have exactly one week to vote for their favorite books in each genre.  Keep a close look-out so you don’t miss out on the fun!


While formatting the voting procedure, we quickly found that, just like in a presidential election, the only way to insure the highest level of honesty and credibility was to require each voter to register before casting their votes.  We sincerely do not want anyone to feel obligated to subscribe, however, so we have incorporated two options when voting.

If you are not already a subscriber to InD’Tale magazine, you may register on the homepage.. This is very easy to do and will immediately allow you all access to our website as well as InD’Tale magazine, itself (NO spam will EVER be sent!) Then, all you need do is click on your favorites to vote!

If you prefer not to register, a form is provided where you can manually fill in your choices then email the form to: tjmackay@indtale.com or snail-mail it to:

  • RONE Award Voting
    1130 East Clark Ave  Suite 150-204
    Orcutt, CA, 93455(forms MUST be postmarked by May 23th, 2013).

We understand these options are a little more involved than most, but we are striving to maintain the upmost in quality, intergrity and credibility.  With our extensive 3 stage elimination process, you are assured the RONE award will indeed be the most prestigious and well-earned award in the industry today!



Start casting your votes today!

* Winners will be announced at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas, NV. – August 7-11, 2013

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