Hi there.  Do you have an OMG moment that you are finally over the embarrassment of that you can bring yourself to share it?  Please do.  Here are a few.  :o)

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The first thing that comes to mind for me is, the one time that I decided to send nudey pics to my husband at work. I took the pictures on my cell phone and it froze. Now we’re talking smart phone…big bucks! What’s a girl to do? If you’re me then you take your phone into the AT&T store, stare everyone down, and dare them with your eyes to say something as they attempt to fix your phone. In the end, my phone disappeared into the back for a REALLY long time, but I got a new phone out of the deal. To add insult to injury, I sent the pics to my husband and in some failed attempt to save them to his gallery he sent them to our teenage son. – Anonymous

I had me one of those once… I was a waitress and during the lunch rush, I had to visit the lady’s room. Took care of business, washed my hands and flew out to get back to work. About 5 seconds later, my (very handsome, but married :-() coworker wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled and held me tightly to his chest while whispering, “Don’t move…” and as he pulled the hemline of my skirt out from the back of the waistband of my sheer pantyhose, he whispered, “Thank you for not wearing panties.” Yea. He saved me from a huge embarrassment. I think. – Vonda N.

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Funny stuff, my friends. Glad I am not alone in this. Thank you so much for sharing.  This all in fun so if anyone would like to share a funny/embarrassing tale, please check the link here: https://tracyjamesjones.wordpress.com/open-public-series/