Open Public Series

Theme: “The OMG Moment – or as I call mine, Never Leave Your House on Auto-Pilot”

Okay my friends.  This is one of those ideas that popped into my head in between everything else I do.  As a writer/blogger/reviewer/screenwriter, I usually have my hands full juggling enough projects and family stuff that I should never have a free moment.  At some point this week I did and in that moment I felt the need to write about an OMG moment to share on my blog.  Mine revolved around leaving my house on auto-pilot, meaning I left without my morning coffee. Disaster soon followed, which on one hand was embarrassing as all get out, but on the lighter side was really funny because the end result was totally out of character for me.  With that idea in mind, which I partially shared on Facebook, came the idea to create a space for others to share their OMG moments with the rest of us.  That said, if anyone is so inclined, I would like to invite everyone to share their funny and/or embarrassing stories here.

The link to this series will be listed above with all the information required to share your story.  For now I will share the first part of my own OMG moment that will likely be the first post to kick things off.  Here is a sample:

“Never Leave Your House on Auto-Pilot”

For all of my friends out there, especially those who need their morning caffeine to jump-start their brains, whatever you do, make sure you never break this habit and leave your house on auto-pilot.  If you do, there is a great chance of having an OMG moment that you will never be able to forget.   I made that mistake once, and when I had my moment, out in public of all things, it was reminiscent of those famous words spoken by Carrie White’s Mom about her going to the Prom. “They’re all gonna laugh at you,” Mrs. White had said, and OMG, I know they did!  I just didn’t realize it until 20 minutes after the damage was already done.  This is how it happened…