Hi there.  This past week has been all about writing.  More specifically, screenplay stuff.   Working to condense four full novels to loglines (1-2 Sentences) and story outlines/treatments (3-5 pages), has really kept me on my toes.  I would like to spend more time adapting my novels to screenplays, but so far only two have made it that far and I still have one more novel to write in my “Secrets & Lies” series.   I hope to have some good news in regards to my screenwriting hopefully soon.  I am thankful for those moments in between that I was able to share some of the latest indie news.  In the midst of that, I was also thrilled to add an actor/comedian to our growing list of Indie Entertainment.  This has been a very productive week, my friends.  Let’s keep that going!


This week’s Shout Outs!”

Big shout out to all the Indie Entertainment featured this past week.

February 11, 2013 – “Cry Heaven Cry Hell” by Deno Sandz (Southern Horror)


February 12, 2013 – Black History: A Positive View by Tracy James Jones


February 13, 2013 – “Invisible Wings” by Janell Rhiannon (Young Adult)


February 13, 2013 – James Crawford as “Rodney Dangerfield (Actor/Comedian)


February 14, 2013 – “Sinfully Delicious” by Kam & Dirk (Erotica)


February 15, 2013 – “Ebony The Beloved” by Hannah Spivey (African-American Drama)



In other news:

I am happy to report that the newly edited copies of “Secrets & Lies” (Book 1) in print arrived on my doorstep this week.  Looking forward to releasing another book in print before organizing a new book signing tour.  I also received a very cool interview request that I will share more about later in the year.


Coming this week:

Author Interviews

Indie Author(s) Charity Project for Animals


In closing…  Thank you for stopping by! Big hugs and much love to you all! ~ Tracy J.