You never know when or where you are likely to run into unexpected independent entertainment.  Today I met this guy, James Crawford, impersonating Rodney Dangerfield @ Jack-In-The-Box (Dallas, Texas).  Despite the small audience, of about 10 people altogether, he had the whole place laughing out loud. He was really funny. At the end of his performance, which was about the time for him to pick up his food, he spoke about what he was hoping to do with his impersonations, (Vegas, Baby!) and he handed out a few promotional business cards.  I took one too and offered to showcase him here on my blog.

Ridney ReloadedI also promised I would share his youtube video. I checked it out  and after a moment or two he had the whole room in his hands.  Very well done.


The Images


New Contact number:


Agency: http://www.theimagesagency.com/

It was nice to have met you, James Crawford.  Best wishes to you and your dream.  😀