Oh wow.  The first month of the New Year is already heading to a close.  How times really does fly.  So much has happened with you wonderful people and I know so much more is to come.  As a writer myself, I have been kept on my toes with trying to keep up with all the latest news and events, so it has finally come time for me to take a bit of a mini-break.  More info about my short hiatus at the end of this post, and just to give  you all a hint, I will share this photo making the rounds on Facebook.

379307_444555205612380_1463191175_nI hope I don’t get into any trouble for posting this here.  (Smile)  Anyway, I trust everyone is doing fantastic and are able to take the time away necessary to refresh their creative minds.   Our writing is very important, for sure, and our work seems to never be done, but to be able to do what we do successfully, we should remember to take care of ourselves in the process.  As it is often suggested, a healthy body is beneficial to a healthy mind.  That said, I will bring this intro to a close and get right on into the news.    Happy first month of the new year everyone!   This year has started out as a blast!


This week’s Shout Outs!”

Big thanks to Author/ Publisher/Screenwriter/ Playwright/ Director/Producer Dee Dee M. Scott for sharing her book and film news. Twitter  * LinkedIn  * Goodreads

British Humorist/ Romance Author Louise Wise – http://louisewise.com  – for her guest post and book release information.

Authors Neal James www.nealjames.webs.com  & Eris Kelli www.eriskelliauthor.com  for sharing information about their new releases.

Big congrats to Charity Parkerson  http://www.charityparkerson.com/ & Melissa Craig http://melissacraigauthor.wordpress.com/ both finalists in the Australian Romance Readers Awards, for making their respected local news and other upcoming media events in regards to their nominations.    Charity had this one to recently share.

Charity Parkerson - The Rutherford Reader

Best wishes to both of these fantastic authors and wonderful friends on their continued success.


In other news:

Not sure how to say it other than how extremely thankful I am to see my free little story “The Crush” is holding its own since its release in electronic form on Smashwords.  The downloads are going really great.  There are only a few reviews posted, but every one is 5-star!  This is the kind of response that we Indie Authors truly love and appreciate.  I am also surprised to see that some readers are still reviewing the story where it originated here on my blog.  I love that too and I thank you, dear readers, very much for your continued support.


Coming this week:

Urban Fantasy Author: Bruce Blake – Canada

In closing, for business and personal reasons I am keeping this last week of the month fairly light.  With my favorite book,   ”Secrets & Lies” , just recently updated with a few new edits that I won in a contest, I am working on uploads, promotions, and other submissions.  I also have a couple of new short stories I have written to review and hopefully release in the coming weeks.  Despite my workload, I will find the time to add important news throughout the week.  As we head into the month of February, I foresee a lot of amazing things happening in the Indie Author world and I plan to be right here to share it with you.  As always – big hugs, much love, and great success to you all. ~ Tracy J.


 Notice: As I continue to learn and work through the processes of fine-tuning my blog, I appreciate the kindness of everyone who has taken the time to visit my page, follow, share, tweet, comment, or just say ‘hello.’   It is my absolute honor to meet you and I promise to do my best to show how thankful I am with keeping my word in continued support of my fellow indie authors and more. – Thank you.