color-of-dawn-1-1Best-seller, “The Color of Dawn”  A collection of poems by Amber Jerome-Norrgard, covering such topics as life, love, loss, healing and redemption.

What readers are saying:

“Amber’s poetry touches on loss but from a place of love and gain.” ~Craig Stone, author of The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness and Life Knocks.

“Amber risks much in sharing her poetic mindset with us in collected form… Displays her raw honesty in the writing, along with a playfulness… Her singular voice, mingled with the rhyme, entwine to beat out a steady, natural cadence.” ~Justin Bog, author of Sandcastle and Other Stories

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4amcoverBest-seller, “4 a.m.: A Collection” A collection of essays and poems by a chronic insomniac covering topics such as life, love, marriage, parenthood, pregnancy, infertility, loss, grief, and healing.

What readers are saying:

“She is raw in her execution, without fear. You do not have to be a woman to understand her pain; you must only be human.” ~Ben Ditmars, author of Night Poems.

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wantingcovernew77“Wanting, an Erotica Short Story Collection”: Two new erotic short stories enmeshed with three recently released erotic short stories by Amber Jerome~Norrgard:  A friends-with-benefits experience with sex in every position… A woman in a bar has her first same-sex experience…. A gorgeous man causes a raunchy fantasy for a co-worker…. A passing stranger causes a woman to recall a former, steamy love affair… And an interlude that shows the romance between a man, woman and silk scarf. (Includes previously released singles James, David, and Jeffrey.)

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podgoamingcoverBest-seller, “In the Gloaming: A Poetry Collection”: Amber Jerome~Norrgard’s second collection of poetry, written bare and wide-open about her experiences with life, loss, love, and true friendship.

What readers are saying:

“Her writing speaks directly to the experiences we all share as we grow and move through life. Amber is able to express through her poetry these experiences in ways that will move and connect with all of us.” ~John Eger

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IMG063About the Author:

Amber Jerome~Norrgard was first published in her hometown’s paper at the age of seventeen.  Since then, she’s used writing as a free form of therapy to celebrate the best parts of her life, and to work through the rough experiences. She is author of the bestselling collections of poetry, “The Color of Dawn,” and “In the Gloaming,” as well as “4 a.m.,” a poetry and essay collection, “Wanting” a collection of short erotic stories and “My Beautiful Jewel (Book One of the Miracles Trilogy)”.  She is co-creator and co-host of “TweepNation with Amber and Dionne,” a weekly podcast loosely related to Twitter and Independent Authors, co-host and co-creator of “The Lyrical Versification Podcast,” a weekly podcast about poetry in all its forms, as well as one of the four founding members of 4~WHIPS  She is currently working on her psychology degree and lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

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