The Young And Naive series.

Young And Naive series consists of three novels revolving around young naive women.

“Learning To Fall,” Bobbi grew up in an orphanage always knowing some day she would search for the people who had abandoned her. Along the way she succeeds in making a name for herself and her horses, but also suffers a lot of heartache. Nobody would have thought the little redhead girl back in Nebraska would become a household name.


“Daddy” is about a teen without direction. Janeen fell easily for a controlling boyfriend. Fearing for her safety she takes refuge. Just when she thought she was going to have a normal life she was thrown into the sordid mysteries locked in her grandma’s journals. She gives birth to identical twin girls who seem destined for mischief.


“Wasted Years,” starting over in another state with the help of her aunt and uncle Danielle puts the past behind her. A few more years down the road she discovers she has been deceived yet again. Finally she meets the man of her dreams and with his help becomes a Christian. That is until the horrible day her babies are kidnapped. She spends years searching the faces of little girls looking for just the right smile or feature.

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About the Author:

Marla Blowers, who grew up in a small town in Nebraska, spent much of her childhood on long vacations with her parents. In their RV, she would pass the time reading. Her love of travel carried over to adulthood, when she eventually moved to Arizona with her own family. She currently works for an airline, which allows her to satisfy her travel desires. Blowers’s other interests include writing, horses, cycling, and various power sports.