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The Jake West Trilogy  by  M J Webb

Jake West – The Keeper of the Stones

Jake West – Warriors of the Heynai

Jake West – The Estian Alliance

The Jake West Trilogy is an epic fantasy adventure series which will have you laughing, crying and begging for more. Compared by some readers to the great author C S Lewis, M J Webb’s novels have been described as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. The story tells of two ordinary boys who unlock by accident a deadly secret which threatens to destroy us all. Hunted across worlds the teenagers escape to a fantasy land. There, our intrepid heroes will have to rely on each other and the alliances they make in order to survive against the overwhelming forces of evil who now seek their destruction. The exciting novels contain heroes in abundance, battles, wizards, dragons, spirits, warriors and beasts, the undead, prophecies… and just plain human guts and determination. There are strong themes of loyalty and friendship. These are books all parents will want their children to read and be inspired by.

‘The Estian Alliance is the spectacular conclusion to the Jake West trilogy which will take you on the ride of your life. This story is full of action, adventure and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat,’ said one reviewer. ‘A pleasure to read aloud to my sons, we were engrossed in the action from start to finish. The characters are extremely well written, and you WILL form an emotional attachment to them. They’re so well crafted, they remain in your thoughts for a long time,’ said another.

When worlds collide, heroes are born.

The Jake West Trilogy – the most fun you’ll have had in a long time.

If you liked Harry Potter, you’ll love the Jake West Trilogy!

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About the Author”

M J Webb is a fortysomething father of two and husband to one from Walsall in the heart of England. He has worked for the British Civil Service for over twenty years. As a full time employee and father he has limited spare time but what little he can find is spent reading, writing, cycling and following football. He has just bought a folding camper so he will soon be venturing into the world of camping.