“TornSixty Days of Calaboose”

(Contemporary Psychological Drama)


 “It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste… For some, it is also a very terrifying thing to lose…”

 Logline: What could possibly go wrong for a sensitive effeminate male unexpectedly incarcerated in a room full of unpredictable strangers?  For Adrian Bailey, just about everything, and in the midst of fear, lies, prejudice, and madness, he finds more…

*  *  *


– Day 1 –

   It was February 29th, a leap year of all things, but Adrian hardly paid much attention to the fact.  He had never actually read about anything bad happening on that date and wasn’t looking for anything bad to happen either.   During that time, two historical candidates were running for President of the United States.  Though the polls were still equally split, he believed his choice would be the victor in the end.  It was truly a time for change.  The preliminaries had barely begun…

Later that same day a lot was going to change for Adrian.  First, a relationship that had its perks came to an abrupt end.  It wasn’t love, but it was a comfortable companionship to fill the void of what was truly missing from his life.  Then came a series of unexpected calls from his family and friends in regards to a criminal accusation made against him by a former so-called friend that he dared not believe.  The accusation was an outright lie and everyone in his life knew it.  Being that he was regarded as a good person, he figured everything would work out, especially since he had never done anything purposely wrong in his life.  The next call he would make would be to the local Police to find out if what he had been told were true, and was told another lie.  His very last conversations would be with his family to come and check on him, just minutes before he walked into the police station and was immediately put under arrest.  In that moment everything he thought he knew about life was about to change…


From the diary of Adrian Bailey

3 days later…

  The first few days of my arrival and induction to D-Tank cell are still a bit blurry.  I do remember that at the time all the members of the Protective Custody D-Tank crew were presently being held on the 3rd floor (women’s wing) and in cellblock X.  Before I was actually let into the X-1 tank, I was bombarded with eager taunts or what looked like requests from the guys in the other surrounding tanks and I was scared to death. I could only imagine what they wanted to get me with them for, especially those residing in X-3. The looks on their faces said as much as their words.

From the moment I stepped inside the X-1 tank and the doors to my previous life and existence were undoubtedly closed for some unknown length of time, I felt as if something was already coming undone within me. The journey to my survival was beyond any terrifying thing I could have ever imagined.  The situation with the guys yelling from the other tanks was only the start.  Mind you it was very early in the AM when I was taken to this area.  Though I couldn’t know the time exactly because time didn’t much matter.  But it was very early. Everyone inside was either asleep or pretending to be.  I was immediately told to pick a bunk, so I inspected the room for the first available space.

On first sight I noticed X-1 tank was one big room and there were four metal bunk beds aligning the walls on both sides.  There was a long metal table, painted a dull gray like everything else in the room, and in the corner next to the big glass window hung a small color television.  There was a partition in the back for what looked like a bathroom and shower.  Three black phones hung on the wall just opposite the long dining table.  The place as a whole was depressing as hell and all I wanted to do was get out of there as fast as I could.

The first bunk closest to the door was occupied by one guy on top with his back turned and another young guy on the bottom facing out.  He looked to be asleep. I knew his face but I carefully moved on.  The top bunk across was empty but someone was below and completely covered from view.  The top bunk behind that one was empty but there was a guy who looked like Jack Nicholson from that Stephen King movie under it.  That was a no.  The last top bunk was empty and there was this huge black dude under it watching my every move. After careful thought, and knowing what to likely expect from him, I figured taking the bunk over him was my best shot.  I had to ask his forgiveness for stepping on his foot on my way up to my bunk, and for the moment he was reasonably accepting of my apology. Those were the only words I recall speaking to anyone at that time.

I don’t remember talking much to anyone really in those first few fitful days. In the beginning my every move was based completely on fear and mistrust of everything and everyone. What I do remember was pretending to be cool, trying desperately not to sleep, and keeping an eye on all my roommates’ attitudes and activities.  I needed to see what kind of people I was dealing with.  For the most part I kept myself in check as I tried not to cry too much or even move.  To my dismay, I spent a lot of time on my bunk.  The choice of the bunk had been mine. I found no other choice.  I was an idiot.  I also recall passing on all of the meals during that time, choosing to allow my new “roommates” to divide the bounty amongst themselves. I did attempt to have a taste of the water once, but it smelled too much like pee with a mothball in it for flavor, so I passed on that too. I believe it was at this point where I started to completely lose what was left of my stable mind…


Diary Note:When someone is in the process of losing one’s mind, the pathway to sanity is to reach back into your heart to find the place that God has laid claim to lead you in the right direction.”   That was a very logical & Christian thing to consider at the time.  I thought I was losing my mind.  I didn’t realize I already had…”~ Adrian Bailey