WIP: Book to Screenplay Project Complete

In the last few weeks I have been making random posts in regards to a new book to film project I had been working on.   Well, after pushing myself to the limit with the whole process, I am finally able to share the information with you.

The book, “The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park,” was initially released as a collection of stand-alone short stories.  One of the stories was written into a full length novel and is now a series of books on its own.  From there, I released a few of the stories as singles.  Now, I have rewritten three of my short stories into a new book that is formatted as a book to film project, meaning, the stories are all mixed together as a tie-in to the movie script that I have also recently finished.   Though the screenplay only follows the heart of the book, because of page format regulations and restrictions, the book will have a little more information, background, and drama for all the characters that would not fit into the future film.  At this point I am just happy to have been able to complete this project because now it is exactly how I initially envisioned it.  The next part will be marketing the screenplay and the new book will be available soon. So, without any further delay, here it is, the newly revised book to film project:

“The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park”

 (A Multicultural Drama)


The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park is a provocative, present-day, character-driven, emotional journey into the private lives of several young adults and their desperate struggles to survive in the shadows of life-altering secrets and lies…



In the 21st century the undeniable enigma of being human has nothing much left thatreally allows us to be taken by surprise. In a time of ongoing terroristic threats;economical shortages; holy wars; out of touch politics; let us not forget: mental disorders; internet predators; teen sex;drugs, and Reality TV, the words shock value no longer have a hold over anyone past the age of three.  We have all been conditioned, if not prepared, for just about anything that life has to put us through.   But then again there may be something and that something could be what we as humans usually attempt to keep to ourselves. These truths, these mysteries of human life, are simply called, ‘secrets…’

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