Guest Post by Ben Ditmars – –

A little over a year and a half ago I began a journey.  I saw people writing short, ten minute plays on the internet and thought I can do that.  I had already been writing sketches for most of my life.  It seemed like a natural progression.  I didn’t intend to make a book at first.  I shared the plays with friends and didn’t think much further.  After all, I wasn’t a playwright by any means.  I knew nothing about stages or production.  But, I felt the characters grow as I kept writing.  My girlfriend would read out all the parts in different voices like a one-woman show.  I saw something come alive in them.  I realized there were stories and messages I wanted to share.  My collection “Ten Minutes in Heaven” came out of this.


“Ten Minutes in Heaven” 

by Ben Ditmars

It is as much my philosophy on life as it is stories.  Dumpster Boogie is a play about two men fighting over a dumpster, while the characters argue over poverty and the system that helped perpetuate it.  Bank Rob and Train Rob explore two different ends of robbery, charity, and selfishness.  And Macintosh, a modern-day take on Macbeth, details the malaise of work and how a couple comes to terms with it through murder.  The collection is dramatic, often humorous and I think has a little something for everyone whether you like pirates, robbery, or even free love.

Ten Minutes in Heaven will be free this Monday, October 1, 2012, on Amazon Kindle.  Even if you dislike plays, I hope you take the time to download.  You won’t regret it.