WIP: Book to Screen Project

 ”Secrets & Lies” – a multicultural romantic family drama series, is the first of my new books that I have considered for screen.  Being this book and story are my favorite, it is absolutely necessary that I create the first original draft myself. So far I have condensed the entire book down to a 5-page outline with setting, action, character, and some dialogue.  I am also at least 1/3 into the actual screenplay.  Once the book is completely reformed, then comes the process of elimination, which is taking out all the stuff than will not transfer to screen as well as removing or condensing excessive scenes, dialogue, and other stuff that basically boils down to fluff.  (I am doing a lot of that along the way).  The reason for this process is because a screenplay for film is usually limited to 120 pages or less.  Each page of the script represents at least 1 minute of onscreen time and every minute of the project has to move the story along.

For those who do not understand the differences between how a novel and screenplay are written, I would like to share a small comparison scene between both formats.


Note: (Bedroom scene already introduced in book)

Kenny sat up on the side of the bed and buried his face in his hands. “Sorry, Camilla,” he muttered through his fingers.

“Sorry?” Camilla had to sit up and look at him as if the words he spoke would show themselves in the air around him. “You have no reason to be sorry.” She reached to touch him but he suddenly stood and her hand fell from the empty space he left and back to her lap.

“You just don’t understand,” He said, searching the bed and floor for his clothes until he found every item.

“No, Kenny, I don’t understand,” she said with rising confusion. “What do I need to say to let you know that everything is alright?”

“There’s nothing you can say.” He started dressing without looking at her and she couldn’t tell if he was angry or just confused.

“Are you angry with me?”

“No, Camilla,” he said with shame for her to think that way. “I’m angry with myself.”




Kenny sits up on the side of the bed with his face buried in his hands.



Sorry, Camilla.


Sorry? You have no reason to be sorry.

She sits up and reaches to touch him, but he suddenly stands, leaving her hand to fall into empty space.


You just don’t understand.



No, Kenny, I don’t understand.

What do I need to say to let you know that everything is alright?


There’s nothing you can say.

He is almost frantic searching the bed and floor for his clothes until he finds every item.  After a breath, he starts to dress without looking at her.


Are you angry with me?



No, Camilla. I’m angry with myself.


Sorry, the full format is not right because I can’t paste it from my documents.  I hope this gives you a bit of an idea thought.  Just wanted to share.  :o)