All Who Wander Are Lost

by Bruce Blake

A Thrilling-Chilling Sequel!

Icarus Fell, or Ric, as he prefers, is the man.  Despite his troubled past and sharp-witty responses, he has a lot of heart and you can’t help but to care for him as he tries his best to do what he believes is right.  This time, in his efforts to do what is right, leads him a little astray and he ends up in the worst place any soul would ever want to be.  And he does it on purpose.  He goes to Hell.  From that moment on, everything Icarus thought he knew is put to a test to the point that he doesn’t know what to believe.  In the face of so many obstacles in order to do what he feels he must do, it all comes down to the choices he makes.

This book is a top-notch sequel to the trials in the life – or afterlife – of Icarus Fell.    Without question, this is a triumphant return to the story of a man reformed as he struggles to survive in the space between spaces.  Bruce Blake is fantastic with his ability to weave so many elements, twist and turns, into his work and there is no way any dark fantasy reader would not enjoy this second book.