My name is Tracy James Jones and I am a blogger, reader, reviewer, writer, former actor and artist, with much love for films, music, books, and friendly people. :o)

Born and raised in Waxahachie & Dallas, Texas, I have had a lifetime love affair with the entertainment industry.  Starting with singing in my church choir, I later ventured into stage productions with my local community theater and eventually feature films. 

I started writing in high school, with the help of an amazing Journalism teacher, which I continued as my major in college, with a minor in mass communications.  Switching from journalism to creative writing came into play after I was offered the opportunity to write the life story of a local boxer, which later became a documentary film.  Writing his story opened the door for me to begin writing my own novels and short stories.

  To date, my literary portfolio is 24 pages long. My writing includes a screenplay adaptation of my original fiction novel, “Searching For Eden.” My next project, “Secrets & Lies,” is also being formatted for film.

 About my books:

“Secrets & Lies” by Tracy James Jones


Book Trailer:

 ”Secrets & Lies”a multicultural romantic family drama, initially began as a short story that turned into a novel and is now a series in progress. 

  • Book 1 is about four central characters and the secrets they hide behind in order to achieve certain goals in life.  In the end,  for everyone involved, even the elements of true confessions gets lost in translation as the explicit details of who they are brings the group together in a surprising, yet necessary finale that could change the course of all their lives forever…
  • Book 2 – “Secrets & Lies – A Family Affair” – continues the story of this family’s deepest secrets and hits closer to home.  Digging into their past could have a lasting effect on their relationships in the present as well as in the time to come.
  • “Torn: Sixty days of Calaboose” is a tie-in to the Secrets & Lies Trilogy, with the main focus of the story on a close family member, with a detailed horror story of near madness and just how far he was willing to go in or order to survive.
  • Book 3 – “Secrets & Lies – A New Beginning” – the final book of the series, will include the greatest truth of all being how true love; past, present, and future, will transcend race, color, creed, and sexual orientation for everyone involved. Projected Release date: Late 2012 / early 2013.

In the future I plan to write more human interest novels & short stories. I also hope to translate more of my work for screen.  At present time, all of my books are available on amazon.  Free shorts and excerpts are available on my blog and/or


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