I received The Sunshine Award!

by Lynn Thompson http://lynnthompsonbooks.blogspot.com/

Thank You, Lynn!

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.” – John Denver


 I’m supposed link back, answer some questions about myself, and then tag more people. Here we go:

1. What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie?

All the Rudolph cartoons.  I’ve been watching them all my life.

2. What is your favorite flower?

Roses, even if some people like to say they smell like poo.  :o)

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

Coffee.  Regular, lots of sugar substitute and creamer.

4. What is your passion?

My passion is music, my writing, and doing what I can to help others.

5. What is your favorite time of year?


6. What is your favorite time of day?

In the wee hours of the morning between midnight and 4am.  My best writing time.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?

Walking.   Not only is it good exercise, it is a lot of fun in the right company.

8. What is your favorite vacation?

Anyplace where I can see some amazing things, past and present.  The most wonderful vacation with my family was to Memphis, Tenn. where we toured the National Civil Rights Museum.  A must see for everyone.  And oh yeah, throw in some casinos and I’m good.  :o)


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